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Anna Baggins
Wow! I haven't updated this section in a while. :) I'm an eighteen-year-old Roman Catholic girl who loves her Faith, reading, writing, and music. I recently finished my first year of college; I'm working on a major in English and a minor in General Sciences before going on to courses towards a teaching degree. Anna Baggins is not my real name, obviously, but I am fine with being called Alyianna, Aly, Anna, or any other variation on her Internet name.

Reading (at the moment): Angels in the Dust
Favourite colours: blue, pink, purple
Favourite food: peanut butter sandwiches
Favourite books and movies: The Lord of the Rings by Tolkien and Les Miserables by Victor Hugo
Favourite TV shows: Doctor Who, Merlin, Downton Abbey, and Once Upon a Time
Favourite music: Il Volo, Taylor Swift, soundtrack music from things like Doctor Who and The Lord of the Rings

Contact info:
You can also find me on Google +, YouTube, Pinterest,, and Quibblo. I barely ever use and Quibblo these days, though.

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