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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The Smile in the Mirror

There's been mornings when I've woken up to something from Jared Padalecki in the form of his Always Keep Fighting campaign, and it made me smile and helped me get out of bed. But this morning, it was a message on Instagram from my hero (I have several, including St. Paul of Tarsus, but he's my modern-day one from what he's gone through and the way he still keeps on smiling), Pete Wentz:

"I didn't post this when it was relevant because it felt a bit like bandwagoning. And I still don't really know what to say. Its a lot to process- life in general is... But what I take away is we have to appreciate every second were on this little blue globe one way or another. That doesn't mean to ignore the lows or inflate the highs. It just means to appreciate that you have another day above ground looking up at the clouds and scraping your shoes on the ground. Don't forget to tell the people you love they are special- this includes that person you see in the mirror. And listen you don't have to put sadness out of business but don't forget to crack a smile every once in awhile."

The first time I read this, I just smiled, but the second time, when I read it on the train, it really struck a chord with me. Pete has such a way with words, and, through the last half year in which I've gotten to really know his writing, he's made me realize that it's the simple phrases rather than the grandiose ones that matter the most. Doestoevky means more to me than the sophisticated language or puns like Shakespeare. Looking up at the clouds and scraping my shoes on the ground sounds more Romantic than knights and castles.

It's the last two lines that especially got me, though. I've had days when I looked in the mirror and I felt disjointed from the person in the mirror because she looked so calm, while such a raging storm went on in my head. So many people have told me "not to take things so much to heart" and just "be happy." But anyone who has dealt with depression - real depression - know that's not how it works. And sometimes you NEED to cry, so you just don't bottle it up and repress it. Pete, who's bipolar, GETS it. He inspires me by what he's gone through - I've read the stories - but he still keeps smiling in that way that lights up his entire face, from his mouth to his eyes.

One of my favourite characters from Supernatural, Frank Deveraux (who happens to be a very minor character), tells Dean Winchester, "Do it right with a smile... or don't do it at all." Sometimes that smile has been to hide how I'm really feeling... but sometimes, I feel that smile can be real and can help one keep striving on.

For any one who's been needing this (like me), remember to Always Keep Fighting.

- Anna Elizabeth

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