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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Goals to Become Awesome (and a look back at 2014)

Happy New Year's, everyone! I can't believe it's 2015 now... I'm going to spend the next month (at least) writing 2014 accidentally. I wanted to thank you all for sticking with me during that long hiatus. (And get ready for a GIF-filled post because I love gifs. I really do.)

Okay, now that that's over... *aching ribs*

Last year was a year of many firsts. I started volunteering to sing for choir for Wednesday Mass at school... which meant I got to go to Mass twice a week (three times when I went to help with my youth group on Tuesdays)!

I also started volunteering at an old people's home. I often feel really awkward and I've had a confrontation with one nasty person in charge, but I like it overall.

I lost a good friend and I had a period of feeling bad about it, but then I realized it wasn't worth it. If someone decides that they can't be friends with me because they disagree with what I believe in, fine. I'm over it.

While I still am a hopeless romantic and I pray for my future husband every day, I decided that I'm perfectly fine being single. It's funny because I learned that around the same time Taylor Swift said that being single is great because you can learn more about yourself.

*cough cough laugh* Yeah, that wasn't exactly what I meant.

Although I still think my appearance is nothing compared to other girls, I've learned to be comfortable with how I look. Hey, maybe one of my guy friends told me that most guys wouldn't think me attractive (oh, yes, he did! I didn't mind though xD)... but someone will someday, right? ;) But I know I still have got a lot more to learn about me. And I want to go on that journey with God.

What else? What other firsts?

1. I got my first pair of high heels. They're boots and the heels are only three or four inches, but I love them. They look so pretty and I like getting a little extra height. The first day wearing them my leg muscles started aching halfway through Mass, but I think I've got the hang of them now.

(No, I didn't trip. Not once. Yet.)

2. I got a B on an essay.... which I am NOT happy about. It turns out what I wrote was too sophisticated. What?!


4. I learned to play pool. And was horrible at it. *shrugs* It was still fun, though.

5. I got a Netflix account. Actually, it's not mine. A friend shared it with me. But I love it. *happy sigh* It's such good quality and I don't have to go searching for other episodes and THOSE BEAUTIFUL PICTURES AS EPISODES LOAD.

(I promise I don't fangirl as much as Becky. 
Okay, maybe not quiiiite as much.)

I'm so bad at remembering things that have happened this year... So let's go onto things I plan to do this year. Some goal things. I'll try to make this list more manageable because we all know I never finish half the things I want to do, right?

1. Get back to creative writing. 

“I wonder,” said Frodo, “But I don’t know. And that’s the way of a real tale. Take any one that you’re fond of. You may know, or guess, what kind of a tale it is, happy-ending or sad-ending, but the people in it don’t know. And you don’t want them to.” 


Of course I did, my dear Sam Winchester.
Especially when I finish watching Supernatural... my friend E. wants me to be caught up by the end of Christmas vacation so that she can spazz about the new episodes to me. But that's not happening, obviously. I think that when I finish SPN, I'm going to take a break from watching TV shows and work on writing. I've pretty much used up my tear supply. Why do I think that? Because when I watched "Doomsday" (Doctor Who) last year, I went to the bathroom and sobbed into a towel.  A couple of days ago, at the end of "The Man Who Knew Too Much" (SPN), I couldn't squeeze out any tears. But that's maybe because I was trying not to kill the wall in my hysterical breakdown.

(Yes, that was needed.)

2. Okay there's a couple of things I'd like to check out.
- several of my friends have highly recommended North and South. And I know the guy who plays Mr. Bates in Downton Abbey (THAT CHRISTMAS EPISODE BTW) is in it.
- I've also been recommended the TV show Psych. I watched one episode and liked it, but I wasn't too impressed. I wanted to give it another try.
- other recommendations: Firefly, Prison Break, Love Comes Softly, Captain America, and Avengers

3. My mom thinks that I should try improving my vocal range by finding some lessons online. I am very pleased that someone else is interested in my voice besides myself. *le smirk*

4. The things that I should do even though I'd rather be watching Supernatural (xD)
- continuing with my French even though I have no more classes
- the driver's license thing

5. My new Goodreads reading challenge is 50 books. 

6. I actually have a goal to sharpen my wit and honestly just become fabulous. Like Lady Mary and the Dowager Countess Violet from Downton Abbey and River Song from Doctor Who. Yes, that is actually my goal. I'm not even kidding.

Happy New Year again! :)


  1. Happy New Year! :D It was great to read your review of your year, sounds like a pretty good one. Hope 2015 is even better! And best of luck on your goals! :)

    1. It was a pretty good year. I learned a lot. :) I hope your 2015 is even better, as well. :)


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