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Thursday, December 18, 2014



I am so sorry!

No, more than that...

Here's my excuse for not blogging for so long. Take it or leave it, but it's the truth. It pretty much went like this...

Oh, oops. I haven't blogged in a few days. Oh, well, it can wait. MIDTERMS. ASSIGNMENTS. ESSAYS. Oh my gosh, it's been a month since I've blogged... but I'm just too busy... ESSAYS SO MANY ESSAYS. I will post as soon as final exams are over, even though I'll look like an idiot. FINAL EXAMS OH THE TORTURE.

So... I'm back to posting. However, seeing as school just gets more and more chaotic, I'm going to refrain from doing the Saint of the Day and article thing unless I find something super interesting. So just posts about me and my thoughts, mostly. I hope you're all okay with that!

So, to get back into the blogging process, I'll post some thoughts of what I've been up to.

SCHOOL. This is what each class has been like:

Early Canadian Literature
I don't really like this text we had to read for class very much. But Dr. D is so enthusiastic! And such a fun teacher! You know what, I actually might like this text now! And the other students have such good ideas on what it could mean.... I'm really glad I'm taking a class with this guy next semester! AND NO FINAL FOR THIS COURSE!!!

Early Medieval Literature
First half of semester: Ughhhhh... Old English grammar... I thought we were going to read Old English texts, like Beowulf!

Second half of semester: UGHHHH translating texts from Old English to Modern English? And she gives us sooo much homework! I think I'd like to have the grammar part back now... OH. MY. GOODNESS. That riddle she gave us was so inappropriate... O_O And I'm going to fail the final. I just know I will. Oh wait... that final was actually not too bad.

One half of class is like this... Okay, I totally do not agree with you. But I am not going to say anything because I need to get a good grade in this course.

Other half of class is like this... Woah! That thing you just said is actually super interesting and thought-provoking!

(General) Science
Ughhhhhhh I hate this class more than anything, even Calculus last year...

Later American Literature
Yayyyy!!! The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn!!! The book is soooo good! But the rest of these texts are... kinda blah. And woah that poem is so inappropriate I think I have been emotionally scarred for life. But we get coffee at half time of this class! :D

Yep. And besides school? In the little breaks here and there, I've done some stuff. I think I already mentioned that my friend E. introduced me to this amazing fantasy book series called The Wheel of Time.  I read The Hunger Games and it was amazing... I started reading The Fault in Our Stars and it is super disappointing. John Green can write these amazing good one-liners, but the rest of the book is pretty blah and the movie is actually better and I'm never going to forgive him for making Hazel like the poem "Howl" which I had to read in my Later American Literature course which scarred me for life because it was so inappropriate. Never.

I've started role playing with my friend F. from high school and we also talk about everything under the sun, which is really great. (My friend G. and I have also had these interesting conversations that always start with, "Whyyyyyy do all the eligible single guys at church all go to the seminary!?!?!") I remembered that I have a Fanfiction account and I've started working again at this Doctor Who / LOTR fanfiction I've got going on. I've got some good comments about it... you should check it out. ;)

I've also been slowly working away at Supernatural... I've managed to just finish Season 5, and contrary to my good friend Treskie who introduced me to the show I LOVE CASTIEL.

My reactions with the show so far...

Beginning of Season 1: This show is really good! Saving people, hunting things, the family business!

During Season 1: This show is kinda scary but I really like it... favourite episode? Probably "Faith."

At the end of Season 1: Umm... was that meant for me to go "oh no Sam and Dean and John!!!"? Because it didn't. That was a pretty lame ending for a season.

Beginning of Season 2: John's death was sad... I guess. Though what's making me sadder is Dean's reaction to his father dying.

During Season 2: Love Jo. Love her.

At the end of Season 2: Sammmmy :( :( :(

Beginning of Season 3: *sigh* ... Ruby's pretty cool, though. But E. told me not to trust her....

During Season 3: I still don't know whether to trust Ruby or not. I'm going to guess with yes, I'll trust her. And nooo the season finale is going to be horrible, I know.

At the end of Season 3: Noooooo Dean nooooooooo this is the worst ending to any season, even worse than Downton Abbey nooooooooooooooooooooo


During Season 4: Awwww Dean it's okay. :( :( P.S. I really like this new Ruby. P. P. S. I need more episodes with Castiel.

At the end of Season 4: What. What. No. No. NOOOOO. Did I say that the ending of series 3 was horrible because THIS. IS. HELL. /// Last episode: DON'T YOU DARE PLAY "CARRY ON MY WAYWARD SON" AFTER WHAT HAPPENED IN THE LAST EPISODE. DON'T YOU DARE. .... Dean, you really should listen to Bobby. Gahhh I hate Ezekiel but Cassssss. Wait. What. Ruby? Ruby, what are you doing? *stares in horror* NOOOO RUBY I TRUSTED YOU HOW COULD YOU DO THIS IT WAS YOUR PLAN TO USE SAM ALL ALONG TO FREE LUCIFER FROM HELL WHAT.

Beginning of Season 5: *sigh* Well... it's starting. The Apocalypse and all that.

During Season 5: I need to read the Book of Revelations. *reads it twice* .... ANOTHER CHUCK AND BECKY EPISODE YUSSSSS ... Dean, just say yes to Michael! Geeze, he actually seems like a nice guy! What's your problem, Dean?!?!

At the end of Season 5: Well... I don't even really know what I think about this. I kinda wish that Sam would stay dead so that Dean could have a life with Lisa and Benny. :O Sam... you're back but what's wrong with you????

Yeah... that was long. But necessary.

Now for some necessary pictures from mah Pinterest.

Side Note: I do not ship Destiel for obvious reasons but there are so many cutsie things on Pinterest that I can't help it and I DIDN'T KNOW THE I'LL JUST WAIT HERE THEN LINE CAME FROM AN EPISODE BEFORE THE MUSICAL EPISODE AND I SCREAMED SO LOUD THAT I THINK THE NEIGHBOURS THOUGHT SOMEONE WAS BEING MURDERED)

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