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Saturday, October 4, 2014

school, tv shows, and more school

Thank you everyone for your lovely comments! As you can see, I have continued blogging as usual. :)

School has gotten REALLY hectic. I entered this week knowing that I had to get an essay (for Early Canadian Lit) and a presentation (for Later American Lit) done and I should start on a research essay-type-thing for Theology next week. Oh, and a lab report for General Science. And by Wednesday, my Canadian Lit teacher decided he was going to let us switch papers with a classmate and get some comments and fix our papers with those comments so when I thought I was going to have that essay over and done with by Wednesday morning I had to take it back to give it in again on Friday. And then with my presentation over on Wednesday, I have to write an essay on it for next Wednesday. And then I've got my weekly journal thing for Canadian Lit as well as that lab report (which I both finished last night)... and I still have that Theo essay-type-thing to write. Oh, and I have a "midterm" (though it should really be called a triterm) for American Lit on Wednesday. And I'll have to start studying for another quiz in Early Medieval English (in which we are learning how to read and write Old English instead of actually studying texts for the first half of the course).


On a good note, my friend from Early Candian Lit (who I will call Em here) introduced me to one of her favourite series, The Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan. She lent me the first book and I LOVE it. It is very much like a mash between The Lord of the Rings and The Prydain Chronicles. I haven't read something I've loved so much for a verrrrry long time. Em says she's going to lent me all the books so I can read them and then she has two other series to lend me afterwards (and one of these series is made up three quartets and one trilogy).

And then there's the beautiful world of TV shows. Doctor Who obviously started up weeks ago (though I'm kind of disappointed with it)...and then there's Downton Abbey (HOW COULD THEY BRING UP GREEN AGAIN?!?!?!)...and Once Upon a Time started up again (I forgive Rumple after what happened at the end of last season... but I feel slightly disappointed with Once, too - but then, there's only been one episode). And Em introduced me to this new show called How to Get Away with Murder, which is about a group of law students and has some scenes which they could *cough cough* get away with but actually is REALLY REALLY GOOD. I watched the premiere for Selfie a while back and I was surprised that it isn't bad... though I really don't know what they can do for the rest of the show since the first episode seemed to start and end the story. And then there's Supernatural, which I know I will not be able to finish before Season 10 starts, but I'm plodding away...very, very, verrrrry slowly.

The weather is starting to get cold... which I don't like when I have to walk to the bus and over the looooong bridge to school and back again, but I like it in school because I get to wear the beautiful sweaters I recently bought my parents recently bought for me and drink tea.

Here's some Facebook posts to show what I've been up to...

September 23
Studying in the library.

(Yes, I bring my own mug to school for my coffeeee. And that page of text is the first eleven lines of Beowulf, which I have to memorize for Medieval Lit.)

September 25
Gina Marinello-Sweeney Reminded me of I Thirst...

(for those of you who are wondering what this is, it's a snippet from a poem called "The Seafarer" which I read in Early Medieval Lit)

September 27
So [M] and I were talking about pie... and then I thought of this scene... 

...and then I thought of Em's necklace story [about Dean's necklace] and almost cried all over again.

September 27
I was tagged by [Z]. List 10 books in your status update that have left a strong impression on you. Write them down spontaneously. They don't necessarily have to be high level literature, just books that you liked and that struck you. Then tag 10 friends including myself in your post, so that I can see your list...

1. The Lord of the Rings
2. Les Miserables
3. Pride and Prejudice
4. Mansfield Park
5. The House of Hades
6. Great Expectations
7. Frankenstein
8. I Thirst
9. Simple and Pure
10. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
September 29
... but it was too big. That was a tragic incident, indeed.

September 30
There are 45 minutes left to vote [for new student representatives]! Make sure to stop by in the foyer of the classroom building and do so - we close down at 4 pm!!!
October 1st
When it's almost 7 p.m. and I'm starving because I haven't had anything to eat for hours, and it's either get THIS bus which is just leaving as I rush towards it ,or wait half an hour to get another bus to get home, IT IS PRETTY MUCH A MATTER OF LIFE OR DEATH. So, excuse me, Mr. Bus Driver, but when you stop a moment to let me on the bus, and I thank you in my most grateful voice, please don't laugh. IT'S NOT AMUSING.

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