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Friday, September 19, 2014

Vatican diplomat: the elderly should not be victims of a culture of efficiency

Catholic World News - September 19, 2014

A leading Holy See diplomat has expressed concern about the ways in which the elderly are discarded by a culture that values economic efficiency above all else.

Archbishop Silvano Tomasi, who represents the Holy See at UN offices in Geneva, said that “today’s efficient society tends to marginalize our vulnerable brothers and sisters, including older persons, as if they were only a weight and a problem for society.”

The prelate lamented that “increasing numbers of aging persons [are] being constrained to leave their traditional and familiar homes in high-income countries to seek haven in developing regions of the world where the cost of long-term care is much less expensive. Surely, when we speak of preserving the enjoyment of all human rights, it is essential to respect and preserve, as far as possible, the bonds of older persons with loved ones and with a familiar environment.” (...)

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