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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

the sky is grey and it looks like rain but I love it

The sky is grey and it looks like rain but I love it. It depends on my mood, I guess... but I don't think anything could make me feel bad today because


I took my final French (written) exam this morning. I think I did okay, but what I'm most happy with is to have it finally DONE. Well, yeah, I hope I do well, too (because it counts for a FREAKING FIFTY PERCENT OF MY GRADE). ;) Then I've just got the oral exam tomorrow night after I come home from classes to study for, but the studying for that will be nowhere as bad as the studying for this morning's test was. I don't think I've ever studied so much for a test in my life.

School starts tomorrow, but I'm expecting it to be just going over syllabuses and then my three hours break in between for my office hours as a student representative - which I expect to be just sitting in a room for two hours with no one ever coming to see me so it's pretty much going to be the one actually quiet place where I can study or write essays... or if I don't have to do either, watch Supernatural or Skype with my good friend Voronda. I'm actually kind of looking forward to school starting because that means getting to see people my age, lots of English, and best of all, no French.

Oh, and I watched The Fault in our Stars. I thought I would hate it because I have this bias against anything that's a popular teenage romance, but it was actually REALLY REALLY GOOD. Review of that coming on my reviews blog on Friday. And ED SHEERAN SINGS THE CREDITS SONG. Can I just say that

movie with a beautiful story + Ed Sheeran = PERFECTION

Okay? Okay.

... which makes me realize that I haven't done my "115.5 Alyianna FM" for a while. So I shall do that, starting out my favourite song of the moment. Get ready for slower songs / indie-folk because that's the mood I'm in right now.

Ed Sheeran ~ All of the Stars
(lots of mistakes with the lyrics if anyone is 
actually looking at them)

Gabrielle Aplin ~ November

Snow Patrol ~ New York

The Lumineers ~ Hey Ho

Mumford & Sons ~ I Will Wait

Of Monsters & Men ~ Little Talks

Imagine Dragons ~ Nothing Left to Say / Rocks

I just realized the name of this song 
rhymes with the last one.

The Last Time ~ Taylor Swift & Gary Lightbody


  1. Congrats on being done with French!! Hope your first days of school went well! And glad you liked the Fault in our Stars movie, it was pretty great. :)


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