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Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Christian Worldview is Necessary for Science

Stacy Trasancos

The development of science is one of the greatest modern testimonies to the axiom, “Truth cannot contradict truth.” A Christian worldview was, is, and always will be necessary for a proper study of the natural world, i.e. for science, to develop. Consider the following.

The Christian worldview is not based on blind faith, as if everything is immediately dependent on the will of God. We do not believe that God is a puppeteer determining every behavior and action in disconnected instances in time, creating scenarios as He goes. Such strict fideism ultimately assumes we cannot know with any certainty what the guiding hand will do next, not in nature or in anything else. This view denies that objects and beings have their own intrinsic natures influencing their behavior. This view is unbalanced; it over-emphasizes the freedom of God but denies His rationality. There could be no science in such a world. (...)

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