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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Some Important Questions (about Life and this Blog)

I've noticed that this year, I feel more comfortable with the people around me. A few weeks ago, I asked to play pool some with guys at the student building even though I've never played before and I would probably be horrible at it (I was, but it was still fun). I'll start talking to people I've never said 'hello' to without much thought, when last year, I would have been deliberating for a long time and then finally deciding it's too late. My dad says it's because I've gotten used the school environment. But is that all?

I've also noticed that I've grown to get a more sarcastic/grim sense of humour. In one of my science classes, I couldn't stop thinking up of snarky answers to the teacher's questions... which I didn't say out loud, of course. (How would you measure how tall the Grand Canyon is? ... Check the sign right beside you because other people have already measured it!) Or when we had another type of "snow day" at university (actually, it was because we had snow way too early and missed fall and then because the leaves were still on the trees the trees were breaking EVERYWHERE and they hit on power lines and we lost power at school around noon), I met up with a friend I hadn't seen for a while, who had also been with me at the train station last time the school got closed. I'm going to call her Rose here. Well, Rose got to talking about how we were survivors together again and jokingly saying that we only talk to each other when we get put in situations like this (because we hadn't seen each other for so long). So I said that we might have to get a fire going and we're going to need food... the wood of the train station wouldn't last long so let's use the bones of the other people there because they would last longer.

Things like that.

So what I'm wondering is - I've got more comfortable with people around me, yes. But I have got more comfortable with myself?

Now onto the other reason why I am making this post.

My mom noticed that I'm not really getting comments on my blog anymore, and she asked me, "Are people interested in your blog anymore?" That got me to thinking. ARE you all still interested in this blog? Or only certain parts of it? I've noticed that I'll usually almost always get a comment on these types of posts...but hardly ever on the "saint of the day" and "article" posts. Are you only interested in posts about my life? Or are you bored with them? Do you still want this blog to exist or do you want it to have a makeover? Please answer in the poll I will be putting on the right side shortly, comment on this post, or both!


  1. That's wonderful that you've gotten more comfortable with others, and maybe yourself too. :) It's strange how we can change so much and end up different than we imagined we'd be.

    As for the blog, I love reading your updates and random thoughts, and follow you for you! Sometimes some of the articles seem interesting or I'll remember which saint's feast day it is from a post, but since I don't spend a ton of time on blogger I'll mostly skip to the posts you wrote. But the important thing is that it's your blog and to do what you enjoy. :)


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