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Saturday, August 2, 2014

What I did this July

I found this delicious idea on Emily's blog. So I decided to steal (I did ask) her idea and use it for a post of my own. I am going to use these first two days of August (they can still count as July, right?)... just because.

You may have noticed that I completely changed the songs on the music playlist on the right side of the blog (scroll down a little to find it). A lot of the songs are happy... because I'm in a good mood. I just came back from a week-long vacation with my family and I got messages from two good friends that I haven't heard from a while.

Some of my Posts
I made a list of my favourite books
I also made a dream list
I wrote some more reviews
The way my mind runs
I wrote about an Indian village
Thoughts on being single
A mash-up post like the posts of old
I did a Doctor Who challenge
I made a quotable quote
How I identify with Stephen Moffat

This Month's Hearts
I finally made another music video. It's got two flaky bits at the end I couldn't get rid of, but other than that, I'm very proud of it. I started watching Supernatural. I started watching the fourth season of Merlin. And I finished watching The Lizzie Bennet Diaries on Youtube (which is the best YouTube channel in the world, by the way). I met up with eight friends and went bowling. We had a great time. I'm finally one book behind my reading goal on Goodreads (yeah, I sort of doubt I'm going to reach it because I will have literally no time to read during the school year).

My Latest Favourite Songs
Christina Perri's new album Heard or Heart. Regina Spektor's album Far - an old favourite I rediscovered. And also some old Enya songs I forgot about. :)

~ Sea of Lovers ~

~ Anywhere Is ~

Posts I've Loved
55 Questions About Books | Part 1 by the Notebook Sisters
The Best Books Truly Change Our Lives by Hannah
- Any post by Treskie (Seriously, I love this girl. She can do no wrong in my least when it comes to blogging and TV show suggestions. I always love every suggestion and post she sends my way.)
- Snippets from Bonnie Rose by Kiri Liz

Best Book(s) I read this month
I'm going to make this a tie between The House of Hades (which I have a love-hate relationship with [who says you can't have a love-hate relationship with books?!]) and Angels in the Dust (the book my mom recommended to me and was incredibly fantastic).

Some Things I pinned this month
Because I can never not make a post with pictures (unless I'm too busy to do so).

to Writing Inspiration Bank

to Austenitis (LOVE the lizzie bennet diaries!!!)

to Disney/Pixar Fun

to Oncers Board (very excited for season four!)

to Whovians United

to Other Assorted Fandoms

Aaaaand...I'm done.

Here's to an amazing August!



  1. Yessss The Lizzie Bennet Diaries are amazing. Have you watched Emma Approved as well? That's just about to finish and they started Frankenstein, MD too.

    1. I haven't yet, but I'm planning to as soon as I finish reading Emma...which I trying to do as fast as I can. Really? I never heard about the latter! That's pretty awesome. :D


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