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Monday, August 18, 2014

Things that Happened

I know I did a post like this yesterday, but some interesting things happened yesterday and today. :) :)

First, was the X Factor Australia. And let me just say Deannnnnnnn. :) <3 I actually didn't like the song his mentor chose for him (or the clothes...and Dean didn't seem to like either of them, either)...but I actually like the song better now that I've listened to it over half a dozen times. That's what usually seems to happen with songs I don't care for on the first listen. :P But let me say, these judges definitely have wrong ideas (mostly) of who are legends. *rolls eyes*

~ Dean Ray - Janie's Got a Gun ~


My sister's friend came over today. I took them over to the park and let me tell you... those girls love tormenting me. ;) I ended up with grass and leaves in my hair and the bottom of my skirt all soaked. But it was good fun anyhow. I'm glad to see a friendship blossoming between these two girls. :)

By the way, I got Instagram...because I'm going to have to use it for my new student rep social media position. You can follow me here. :)

And, lastly, there was the Taylor Swift Yahoo live stream this afternoon with a first hearing of her new single and some info about her new album coming out next month. :) :) I have to say, the single is too pop-y for me, but I'm sure I'll like it more after a few more dozen listens (like I said a couple of paragraphs ago haha). And the music video is nice. (Besides some of the...err...movements. And clothing.) I would post the video below, but YouTube seems to have done something with it. There will be a reviewww on my reviews blog coming soon!

Goodnight lovelies! :)
<3 Anna


  1. Sounds like a fun trip the park! :) Cool, I will follow you on instagram!


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