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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The Liebster Award...Again.

Funny how this keeps circling back to me... I must be special. ;)

Thank you to Jessy Jones for this "award"! (Come on, all it really is is a tag.)

thank and link back to the person who nominated you
list 11 facts about yourself
answer the 11 questions asked by the blogger who nominated you
nominate 11 bloggers who have fewer than 200 followers
(you can’t nominate the blogger who nominated you)
ask them 11 questions
let them know about the nomination

11 Facts About Me
1. I love peanut butter. Crunchy is the best, but only if it isn't too salty, which some crunchy peanut butters tend to be. Skippy Peanut Butter is perfect.

2. I love to read. My favourite genres are fantasy and historical fiction.

3. If I wasn't going to become a teacher, the job I would probably would have pursued would be that of a web designer.

4. My dream job is being a writer. Or a photographer who gets to travel.

5. I love the music genres of classical/pop and soundtrack, but nothing can strike a chord in my heart as much as country music does.

6. If I find a guy cute, I'll avoid any contact with him as if he were the plague. If he's not so cute, I'll have no problem talking to him.

7. A guy recently told me that most people in today's society wouldn't find me attractive (he said my personality was though), and it sort of lifted a weight off my shoulders. And I'm not being sarcastic actually did made me feel a whole lot better, but I don't really know how to explain it. Maybe it's that I don't have to worry about whether that random guy thinks I'm cute. I can just concentrate on being me. ;)

8. The Lord of the Rings has been my favourite thing for as long as I can remember. But after my dad introduced me to Doctor Who, this new fandom quickly rose up to tying for first place with the latter. (Come on, a mother can love all her children equally, isn't that right?)

9. (ALMOST DOOOONE.) I decided I was only going to work on Innocent this summer. that's going to happen. I've started on a new idea that will sort of cover several ideas I've had floating around for the last year or so.

10. My fondest memories include having my friend Miky (nickname) over for dinner and we would start laughing as soon as we looked at each other. It turned into a sort of tradition and now we can't eat together without looking at each other and laughing.

11. I love my family dearly and I don't know what I would do without them.

Phew! That's over...but now I still have a few more sections to get through!

11 Questions Jessy Asked Me

1. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where is the first place you'd go? Why?
I would go to Poland to visit my grandparents.

2. If you could travel anywhere in any universe (fictional or otherwise), what specific place would you visit first? Why?

3. Do you have a favorite Bible story/character/verse? Who/what is it?
Ooooh...that's a difficult one. I've always really liked the story of when Jesus went to Martha and Mary's house and Mary listened to Him speak but Martha fixed dinner. Because SOMEONE had to make dinner, right? But then Jesus is all, "Hey, who cares about dinner? Come and listen to Me tell you important stuff."

4. Would you ever consider eating octopus ink pasta with squid?

5. Have you read The Book Thief? What is your opinion on it? Favorite quote/scene?
YES YES YES I LOVE IT AND I STILL NEED TO GO SEE THE MOVIEEEEE! It's been a while since I've read it, so I don't remember quotes. But that last scene with Liesel and Rudy... man, that killed me.

6. If you suddenly found yourself in a do-or-die situation, what would it be? What single item would you want to have with you?
Yeah, I would probably do the thing in an act of desperation to not die...but I dunno about my chances since I'd be "the person who dies the first" in everyone's Apocalypse Team list. I'd want to have a Rosary or a crucifix/medal with me.

7. Quotes are lovely things. I've got an entire blog devoted to them. Post a favorite or three [for me to use].
WHAT MUST FOLLOW THAT BLOG. (By the way, I love quotes. Like, really love them.)

Great men are forged in fire. It is the privilege of lesser men to light the flame.
- "The Day of the Doctor"

It is time for us all to decide who we are. Do we fight for the right to a night at the opera now? Have you asked of yourself what's the price you might pay? Is this simply a game for a rich young boy to play? The colors of the world are changing day by day!
- Les Miserables

You're going to lose. I know that now. Good will always win.
- Once Upon a Time
8.What is your favorite type of blog post to read? {Beautiful People, Stacking the Shelves, ramblings, [original] writings, character posts...}
Ramblings/random. Like Treskie's posts.

9. What's the first thing you do in the morning, after you attempt to wake up and actually get out of bed?
Say my prayers...but I usually do that lazily while I'm still lying in bed and therefore I may fall asleep while doing so.

10. What is the worst book you've ever read?
Isolde, Queen of the Western Isles... it was just inappropriate. You can read my review of it here.

11. Can you swim? Ocean, lake, creek, or pool?
Yep, I can swim. I've never swum in an ocean or creek (honestly, all the creeks I've been to are more for dipping your feet in...). I like swimming in a lake, but the rocks on the bottom hurt my feet. So a pool...but a wave pool or an outdoor pool, please!

The Eleven Bloggers I Nominate
1. Lucia Silva @ Dreams and Journeys
2. Emily @ Emily Etc.
3. Kiri Liz @ Lianne Taimenlore
4. Treskie @ Occasional Randomness
5. Voronda @ A Believer's Journey
6. Nessima Tavariel @ Arda Nessimava
7. Arda @ In Western Lands
8. Bernabear @ Not So Girly, Bro!
9. Gollum @ Riddles in the Dark
10. Molly @ To Write Something Worth Reading
11. Janelle @ Travel Heart

My Questions for You

1. Tell me the next word or phrase that comes to your mind when you see these words...
a) ring
b) dalek
c) magic
d) dance
e) clownfish
f) glitter

2. (Because I can never go without one of my "would you rather" questions. Each letter is a different question. Yeah, I'm cheating with going over eleven questions...whatever.) Would you rather...?
a) Learn archery with Legolas, Susan Pevensie, Merida, or Katniss?
b) Go on an adventure with Gandalf or the Doctor?
c) Learn magic with Dumbledore or Merlin?

3. If you could pick three languages that you would know in an instant without having to spend time learning it, which three languages would you pick?

4. What is the one household chore that you utterly detest?

5. If you got a million dollars, what would you spend it on? (There's a pricey questions for you. :P)

6. How would you respond if someone came up to and told you that they were going to take you on a deluxe cruise for two months that he or she would pay for entirely (including shopping at stores on landing places), but you had to leave right now without going home to say goodbye to your family?

7. What comes into your mind when you see this GIF?

8. Tell me one of your biggest dreams that is probably impossible but you'll never stop wishing for it anyway.

9. What is one of your most embarrassing moments? (See, I'm letting you pick one - it doesn't have to be the most!!!)

10. If a crocodile came up to you and told you to lie down and let him eat you, would you trust him?

11. What would you do if your phone woke you up in the middle of the night and there was a creepy voice on the other end asking you for ransom money in return for the release of your best friend?

Enjoy, blogglings! :)

~ Anna


  1. Haha, you used my random fact. Maybe that's part of why I don't mind crunchy, because it's saltier.

    Nice quotes. And you quoted Once!! (I'm assuming the Les Mis quote is from the book?) I've still only seen one Les Mis movie (the one with Liam Neeson), have yet to read the book, and haven't been to any musicals. But I feel like I'm part of the fandom just from reading Anne-girl's blog. (I started at the beginning and have been working my way to her current posts.) Somehow I love it very much. (Even though the movie I watched is apparently unacknowledged among Les Mis fans...)

    || the writeress || barefoot in the snow ||

  2. Oh, I do like saltier...ish. I can't stand the unsalted, sugar-free peanut butter the rest of my family loves. But some stores, such as Superstore, dump so much salt in the peanut butter that it isn't very tasty at all. That's what I meant. :P

    Of course I did. ;)

    No, the Les Mis quote is from the musical (and also in the latest Les Mis movie, which is mostly a musical). I haven't been to any musicals, either... but that's what YouTube is for. ;) ;) Hmm.. that's strange that the Liam Neeson movie is unacknowledged. I haven't watched it yet, but I'm pretty sure that's the movie my dad was watching one day and it sounded very close to the books from the five minutes of it I heard.

  3. Ugh, anything sugar-free is nasty, in my opinion. I meant crunchy vs. creamy - maybe the crunchy is saltier than creamy.

    I think the unacknowledgment is due to the fact that it is not a musical. Apparently, that is an essential element. At least, to my "RL" friends, it is. I thought it was pretty awesome. The only thing I didn't like was the Marius & Cosette's romance seemed a bit too rushed, and I didn't really like the cliffhangerishness at the end (in regards to Marius & Cosette). I just assumed they were cutting a bunch out from the book, but I guess I wouldn't know [yet].

    1. I think it is. But creamy is sometimes very tasty... it tastes like peanut butter with whipped cream. :P

      I suppose... I love the musical bits (because of the singing DUH)... but I think something without singing could be pretty good, too. Yeah, yeah... adult Cosette in in the book and musical / latest movie annoyed me so much. And stalker Marius haha. :P Cliff hanger? Ooooh how did they end it then?

    2. After Marius had been shot. He's lying there on the bed or couch or whatever with Cosette next to him, and Valjean walking away from the scene of Jovert's suicide. So Marius is basically dying and they think, oh, this is a good place to end. Now they'll never know if he lived or died. *evil laughter* Heh. Not amusing.

    3. WHAAAAAAAAT. Why would they ever decide to end there?!?! Yeah, no, that's definitely not where the book ends. However, the real end could be much worse, depending how you look at it.

    4. I know, right? I didn't previously know anything about Marius & Cosette (other than that they were a couple), but even I knew better than that. I'll definitely have to read this book. I'll get to it. Eventually...

    5. The book's definitely a challenge, but it is super amazing and my second favourite book of all time (after The Lord of the Rings).

    6. It can't be too challenging. I mean, I read The Count of Monte Cristo. ;) Oh yah, I still have to read The Lord of the Rings, too...

    7. Ah, well if you're already into the classics, that's a really good start. I haven't read that book, so I wouldn't know. I'm just saying that there's a lot of stuff where the book seems to go off topic. You may have heard the jokes that go something like this...

      Jean Valjean: The tunnels! I wonder how I'm going to get through here...
      Victor Hugo: *provides 50 pages on the tunnels of Paris*
      Jean Valjean: Merci beaucoup!

    8. Oh, yes, that. I remember my sister talking about that when she read it...

    9. Yep. haha

      You should still read it, though. ;)

    10. Yes, of course! I'll get around to it someday...

  4. #6!! *o*! I so totally do that too! :p Yay! Thanks for the award! <3 I'll do it now! :D

    1. I can't wait to see your answers! So glad you're back on the Internet, dearie! :) :) <3 <3

  5. LOL I know what you mean with number 8. XD Great quote from Les Miserables! Thank you for the tag and great questions, I will try to get to them sometime!

    1. Heh...I liked what I said in #8.

      (By the way, I got super hyped when I saw five comments. So thank you.)

  6. Thanks so much for this, I've *finally* got around to it! I'm about to post it.

    THE BOOK THIEF! <3 <3 <3 also, octopus ink pasta with squid?? GROSS!

    1. I'm looking forward to seeing it!

      YES. I really need to read it again - it's been a while!


    2. haha Another blogger put in a BP post that her character's favorite food is october ink pasta with squid. I've since been looking for others' reactions to it. Personally, I'd totally try it (and now want to), but I guess I'm what could be called an adventurous eater.

    3. Oh, really! Wow. Well, you certainly are an adventurous eater then. ;)


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