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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Pretty Much Just Fangirling

"So how's life going?" you might ask.

"Not too shabby," I'd probably respond.

My final French written and oral tests have now been scheduled, and I'm really happy I've got over a week to study. I don't feel quite as freaked out about the test as I did a few days ago (liar alert: the answer is really yesterday), but I'm sure the feeling will come back on the day of the written test - which happens to be the day right before school starts. Then I get to start through a whole year of school again...and then I have to take another French course next spring/summer. By the way I calculate it, I won't be having a real break until the spring of 2016.

Other than that, things are going great.

Listening to: "Deep Shadows" by Through the Lens...for the fifth time in half an hour. I just discovered this song and I. LOVE. IT.

And it just so happens it comes from The Hunger Games trailer - pretty cool, right? GUESS WHAT'S EVEN COOLER. IT COMES FROM ONE OF MY ALL-TIME FAVOURITE VIDEOS. SEE IT BELOW.

What's on my mind at the moment: Katrin Depp's videos. They are AMAZING. She is my favourite YouTuber EVER...but "viewer discretion is advised" because MAN DO THEY BRING OUT THE EMOTIONS...and there is the little thing here and there that probably shouldn't be there. If you know what I mean.

My absolute favourite videos by her...

Fall Now | Sherlock
I don't even know how many times I've seen this video now.
It is just so GOOOOD. Her best work I've seen so far!

To Rise Again | Merlin
I can't get over how good this video is, either.
(Oh and this is where I discovered the song I am obsessed
with at the moment, if you haven't already guessed. :P)

Doctor Who Song Spoof
(There are few parts that are a little unecessary, but they're okay
as long as you understand the context. Except the second
Master/Doctor one, which I thought was really dumb.
But I LOVE the first Master/Doctor bit.)

Oh, and add Supernatural to that list of "What's on my mind at the moment". I came back to it after a slight break because...well, I sort of needed a break from TV shows. So I got back to it, I just finished the episode "Asylum", and I'm loving it more and more each episode. Really, I feel like I'm here in this fandom for the emotional bits more than anything else. And I've heard that those parts get more and more prominent as the season goes on, so I'm staying.

how I feel when someone tries to fiddle with my computer
And can I just say Deannnn?

Or what about this Dean?



To finish off, here's a picture from my Instagram of what books I'm planning to read next.

The top book is what I'm reading now. I haven't read any of Rick Riordan's other series, and I was able to read two chapters before I had to return the book to the library (because I had borrowed too many books)...and I really like it, so I'm reading it. Out of the Silent Planet - I've been planning to read for a while. The fourth book is one of the books that I got from my dad and never read. Fifth book, I've heard that people liked it and it looked vaguely interested (as well as having similarities to Supernatural), so I picked it and its sequel up. And the fifth book...I started reading, then lost my place in it... and sort of stopped for some reason. It was probably during the school year, and that will be my excuse.

Love you all!
<3 Anna

P.S. This is the third time I've posted something about myself within a seven-day period. Wow...I like this streak. :)

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