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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Low education makes the brain age faster

July 26, 2014

Mental capacity and IQ deteriorate much faster for people with less education than others, study reveals. The findings provide new insight into the development of dementia.

(...) The brain scans showed that the least educated participants were not as good at making the change from default mode to problem-solving activity. And that’s a sign of advanced ageing, says Rostrup.

“In young people the brain quickly and efficiently switches from the default mode to problem-solving activity. But in elderly people, and especially those who are demented or suffer from Alzheimer’s, this change is slow and inefficient,” says Rostrup.

So the results suggest that an education or a job that challenges the brain on an everyday basis will give you extra mileage when it comes to avoiding dementia and working against the general ageing of the brain. (...)

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