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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Let's...FREAK OUT!!!

This week, I realized something that I'm glad I didn't think of before.... French final coming up soon. Fun, fun. It is a time when I load up on soundtrack music and my family gets to hear the "I'm gonna faaaaaail" at least once a day. I can't say "I'm nervous" to any of my friends without them answering "hahahaha don't even say you're always get good grades!" But I AM really nervous about this test because I was never taught this course properly. I've pretty much just scraped by with Google Translate and a friend's help. So I'm pretty much

which turns into

which turns into

and everyone around me goes

so I just go

And the final is worth a FREAKING FIFTY PERCENT. It's like diplomas in grade 12 all over again.

But beside that...X Factor season has begunnnnnn! Which means enjoying X Factor Australia, ignoring X Factor UK, and hating X Factor US but still watching it anyway.

I have noticed that I have developed more of a critical attitude when it comes to music. For almost 3/4 of the people in the live shows this year, I listened to about ten seconds and then couldn't stand it anymore. And then there's the people I like... I like Sydnee Carter and Marlisa Punzalan and Reigan Derry definitely has a winner voice... BUT DEAN RAY IS MY MAN. I absolutely LOVE his voice and I don't really know why. I keep playing his audition, bootcamp, and judge's house covers over and over again. My only disappointment is that Nat is his mentor and she has consistently... well, ruined... every singer under her charge for the last few years. Her song choices are usually horrible and so are her costume and hair choices.

But I better stop ranting.

Listen. Just listeeeeeeeeeen, children.

What else is new at the moment? Oh yes. I discovered a new band I realllllllly like.

Of Monsters and Men.

~ Silhouettes ~

Their music videos are great!

~ King and Lionheart ~

I got a stack of CDs and one DVD in front of me. Of the former, I've got a Downton Abbey, Doctor Who (50th), and Catching Fire soundtracks. And I thought I'd try a John Mayer CD and see if I like his music. The DVD is the first season of Psych because I have several friends who love the show. Something light looks good to me. It is pictures like the one bellow that have drawn me into the decision of choosing this show.


  1. I know! French Finals really freaked me out too! Not to mention there was a girl who was fluent in the class. Whenever she presented something it made me go " I was proud of my work. Not so much now" Nevertheless, Best of Luck. :D

    P.S Yay for the OUAT Gif!!! :D

    1. Oh, yeah, there was a girl in my class (back at the university I go to...not where I'm taking French now) who was able to deliver with something that sounded very much like a French accent.

      Thanks, Voronda! :) :)

  2. Finals are scary all the time, even if you're really good at the class. DON'T STRESS OUT. Pray, and you'll be fine. XD (Dem gifs were good, btw)

    mmm. That guy is a pretty good singer.

    I've only heard King and Lionheart by Monsters&Men... But that other song wasn't awful, so I liked it well enough. XD


    1. I WILL TRY. (Yeah, they were.)

      :D I looooooooove him. Besides the fact that I don't like what his mentor is doing with him. But I don't like what she does with any contestant on this show.

      I will start watching it ASAP.

  3. Good luck with your final, you'll be great!! Awesome gifs. XD Enjoy everything you're watching!


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