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Monday, August 4, 2014

Caritas Jerusalem: wholesale destruction in Gaza like WWII

(Vatican Radio) Caritas Jerusalem is making a dramatic appeal for an end to the Israeli-Hamas conflict in Gaza as the death toll climbs to more than 1300 people – overwhelmingly Palestinian. Caritas Jerusalem Director Fr. Raed Abusahliah says the conflict has also claimed its first Christian victim.

Listen to Tracey McClure’s extended interview with Fr. Raed:

An Israeli missile strike on Sunday hit the house of the Ayyads, a Christian family living in Gaza “without any previous notice and we don’t even know why it was attacked,” says Fr. Raed. “The whole house was completely destroyed and the mother, who is 60 years old, died immediately. And her son, who is thirty years old, is severely injured. Two of his legs were cut and he has burns on 70% of his body. And damages in his head. So he is in a very critical condition.” (...)


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