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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Thoughts on Being Single

I've had my whiney posts and you've survived through them. Love you all for that. :) But the last month or so, I've gone through some whiney (on my part, obviously) conversations with my mom. I've also participated some debates that showed me the true nature of some of my acquaintances. One of my best friends from high school and I hadn't corresponded for a year since graduation... and I don't know who he is anymore. And he's got views that I don't agree with at all. At all. So, yeah, I don't feel like I'm going to be that "Waaaaah I'm never going to get married!" person again.

I've been thinking... Yeah, it would be nice meet that Prince Charming and get married and have a family. But it's in God's time and it's His decision. If it's not God's plan that I get married, that's okay, too. I'm sure I'll have just as great a life being single. (And you know what, it would give me more time to volunteer and watch Doctor Who, too. Just a thought.) And if no guy thinks I'm good enough to marry...well, then, they're missing out on the awesome, right? ;)

Old maid? Haha, you mean "Singles Pringles"! :)

- Anna

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