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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

My To-Do List for this Week

1. Survive through the rest of Vacation Bible School.
I never realized how exhausting a morning could be. Only two more days - and then volunteer picnic Friday afternoon!

2. Keep chugging away at French.
I despise my teacher because she's making me dislike French. Why? BECAUSE SHE WON'T HELP ME AT ALL. When something confuses me, I'm doomed. And the thing is, I need to pass this level so I can do the next. My dad's paying for it, so I want to do well. But it's hard when most of my day is just spent on slaving over French.

3. Spend some time in relaxation to keep my sanity.
I don't want to go insane just in time for my dad's vacation, do I?

Writing OR reading OR watching Supernatural or Merlin = relaxation. Well, Supernatural isn't that relaxing. It is, but it isn't. I think I'm getting used to the creepy stuff.

Oh my gosh...the little girl is going to die! Noooo I don't want her to die!

Oh, her dad died. Okay, well she's fine. Now we've gotten over the part where the person dies at the beginning of the episode. Now I can relax.

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