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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Like the Posts of Old

The next blog idea is to have a review of a book, film, or product. But since I already have my Reviews Blog, I don't see much point. So this post will be an advertisement for that blog. ;)

Want Doctor Who reviews? Got that!

Downton Abbey? Yup!

Children books and movies to YA books to adult books (mostly Christian)?

And soon... very soon... we will have a Supernatural review, yes, we shall, precious! (Just because Treskie has amazing taste and so far, everything I've tried that she's recommended, I've liked.)

This is as much of a post as I could mustard muster because I'm going to be verrry busy today. I've got a meeting for Vacation Bible School that I have to go to this morning because the camp starts next week and this is the last meeting. I can only stay for an hour and then I rush home, have lunch, and then take over an hour of transit to get to the mall where I'm going to be meeting a few friends from high school for bowling. But it will be good fun (except for the over an hour ride home with one transfer... *sigh* the transit here is THE worst).

You know what? This post is turning out like my update-on-me-actually-no-let's-talk-about-everything-I-possibly-can-and-then-end-with-a-few-gifs-or-pictures post. Ye Old Posts. So I should end up with a few pictures...

What I'm Excited About At the Moment

Doctor Who Series 8

I think the trailer is a little weird and I'm not so sure about that "Am I a good man? - I don't know" line, but I'm still verrry excited for August 23rd!


Mia and I are on season 3 now.

Getting Scared But Loving It

- Anna


  1. I did not recommend it! Goooosh. lol. Like... yeah I did. I don't. It's... just... MAH BOYS. lol wait until you finish it to decide if you like it. DRIVER PICKS THE MUSIC, SHOTGUN SHUTS HIS CAKEHOLE!

    1. I know, I know. *Cheshire cat smile*

      I'm on Episode Three right now and DEAN WITH LITTLE BOY AHHHHH SO CUTTTTEEEE!!!!!!


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