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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Delhi most violent place in India

Thu Jul 10, 2014 

Munawar Zaman, Press TV, New Delhi

New Delhi is home to more than 16 million people; while India’s capital is transforming into world class city, it fast becoming the most unsafe city in the county.

According to latest data by the National Crime Records Bureau, New Delhi has been named as the most violent place even more than the states affected by extremism and insurgency. Over the past few years, crime in Delhi continues to be on the rise at an alarming level, studies and surveys reveal every 20 minutes a rape is reported. People accuse police patrolling the streets of being insensitive towards crimes and ignoring related complaints. According to National crime records statistics, Delhi’s violent crime included incidents of abduction, robberies, murder, dowdy death and even rapes, many incidents of crime go unreported due to country's slow judicial system which discourage people from making any complaints. Although India approved tougher laws following December 2012 gang rape, experts says the country needs prompt judicial system and stringent punishment to achieve a lasting solution.


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