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Saturday, July 19, 2014

10 Things to Do on a Road Trip

Travelling in the car with my sister can be either a pleasant or tedious experience. Most of the time, Mia will be either playing on her iPad, reading a book, or looking out of the window. I, on the other hand, will be usually listening to music or reading a book.

But things can get a little heated when Mia decides it's time to play a game together. The case is either

A. "Give me five more minutes, Mia" (yeah, right)

or B. "We've played this game a million times already...I'm so bored of it!" (a both of us comment)

So I've decided to make a list of 10 things my sister and I (or you and your siblings) can do in the car.

1. Play the license plate game. If a license plate says "GMA", think of three words that makes something (relatively) logical - like "Gabby made applesauce".

2. Play guess the the first few seconds of a song's intro (with Anna's handy dandy iPod) and the other person has to guess it.

3. Play hand games.

4. Sing songs.

5. Pretend to be fictional characters (could be made up by you). Have a conversation.

6. Give the little kids activity books. (If I get any interest, I will post a freebie activity book on this blog.)

7. Alphabet game. This can go from finding items on the road that begin with the letters of the alphabet, or use specific subjects (my family usually goes with the names of places in the world or names of foods).

8. Get a notebook for a travel journal. You can write and/or draw about your experiences. The cover of this notebook can be decorated at home. :)

9. Play card games or magnetic games (they're not as messy, but occasionally there will be the horrifying time when a magnetic piece fell somewhere and the kids can't find it). The card games that my sister and I always play in the car are Professor Noggin. They're educational, but really fun. (My sister usually beats me. *cough cough*) If you've got a Scholar's Choice in your area, they always have these games.

10. Listen to an audio book. There are so many audio books at my library. For the smaller kids, the Amelia Bedelia and Paddington audio books are great.

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