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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Update and Promotions in Ten Sentences

My sister has a 10-sentence blog post challenge that you can check out here. I thought I would do it to promote it and for fun (two sentences already).

The sky is very blue right now, and small, puffy clouds are scattered about it. It's very different from yesterday, which was gloomy and rainy. We weren't able to have a picnic lunch like we had planned. The backyard looks nice because Daddy mowed the grass on the weekend. The flowers from our bushes and trees have all died, but hopefully we'll something to "harvest" later on.

I have finally gotten back into the habit of writing more - partly because I wanted to, partly because of a "Plot Bunny" challenge. You can check out my latest fabulous ideas here (yes, fabulous is one of my favourite words now). Hmmm...I really need to give this blog and my writing blog some I already did to my reviews blog.

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  1. nice post. you are entered in for the prize! note: for each person you get to the contest, the more chance you have of winning. pls tell everyone else you get to it that


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