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Saturday, June 7, 2014

The Story of a Salad

I'm going out tonight to help serve a dinner at a community center. I get dinner, too, and I'm supposed to dress up nicely so it feels like a special event...although I'm almost certain there won't be anyone I know. And even if I stay for the dancing afterwards, A. I don't know who would want to do with me and B. I can't really dance. Rather, I could if I knew the steps to different dances.

Since I won't be around for supper, I get to make salad for the rest of the family. Soooo I decided to make something special. A throwing together of different ingredients that will hopefully turn into a nice Mexican salad, you might say.

So far, I've got some carrot, pepper, celery, and cabbage (my mom loves green cabbage in salads and insists we must therefore have it in every salad we have).

I've also got some red kidney beans.

Let us add some lettuce.

(By the way, I thought I would interrupt this post by letting you know that I got a new hair cut. Here is a silly picture that my mom will hate so enjoy before she makes me take it down. :P)

In the meantime, I made my dad an afternoon snack of coffee. I only had a few small disasters, such as realizing that I heated up the wrong burner (the one that the kettle WASN'T on) and used the wrong coffee (not instant so it was quite grainy, to say the least).

That doesn't look quite right, does it? The patterns in the grounds are probably foretelling that my next attempt at making instant coffee will be just as horrible.

In the end, after adding all the barbecue sauce we had in the house (which wasn't much) and some ketchup and Tex Mex seasoning to substitute for the bbq sauce I didn't have, the salad ended up something like this. (Along with the previous ingredients, now there is lettuce, pineapple, and corn.)

For a final touch, I wrapped up the salad and put it in the refrigerator with a note that said:

Enjoy the salad. 
It is FABULOUS, darlings.
(And hopefully it tastes good.)

And now Cinderella must get ready for her evening out. Here is the dress I will be wearing.

I LOVE it!!! *squee*

Rainbow kisses and unicorn stickers!
- Anna


  1. I tagged you!

    1. Why, thank you. :) I shall be checking this out very soon.


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