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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Statuses, Statuses

I'm sure you've all seen that Mia/Lucia has decided to leave this blog. But never fear, lovely followers! You can follow her new blog HERE. And that means I get to give Scribbles a makeover with a new blog header and all. :) :) :)

What I am reading at the moment: Ashton Park #1, and enjoying it!
What I last watched: Merlin S1E8
What I am listening to at the moment: "This Is Gallifrey" on my favourites playlist

One of my most recent photos:
Flowers on the tree in our front yard :) (Taken yesterday)

What I hope to do today: Start taking some pictures of baby items from our basement and uploading them to Kijiji to try and sell them. Read some more of my book. Watching more of Merlin S1E1 with Mia tonight. Maybe even look into some of the piano books I grabbed from the library to finally teach myself how to play the piano. (If I could just get past those darn notes!)

What I'm going to have to do today: Go on a walk. Which I don't long as I can get some things on the list above accomplished for once.

On the agenda for tomorrow: Do my first French oral test. Which I may miserably fail because I am pretty much on my own for learning French, I have no idea what to expect, I don't know much French at all (so how in the world am I supposed to have a French conversation with you, Ms. Smart?!?!? - yes, that's her name!)... SO PRAYERS WOULD BE VERY MUCH APPRECIATED S'IL TE PLAIT (yes, I'm being informal with you my dear followers) ET MERCI.

Oh, and swimming...because Mia loves swimming. I hate it. I detest the cold water (and I've been told the showers at this certain pool have cold water, too). And I'd much rather sit at home and read a book or write to you lovely followers. By the way, no interest in a "Bubbles and Flowers" post? Honestly. Shame on you all.

What I'm listening to now: "The Majestic Tale (Of a Mad Man....... In a Box)

A photograph from last summer:
Mama Duck and baby ducks!

Some happy music to brighten up your day:
Music: Clara

Who wants a photos post?! :) :)

- Anna


  1. I Love the pink flowers pictures and very funny!

  2. oh yeah and please make a picture post?

    1. THANK YOU, MY LADY! *bows to the floor* I will obey, your Majestic Higness!

  3. Merlin is AWESOME. I've only watched the first few episodes, but I love the show already. Lovely photo of the flowers too! :)

    (PS - Correct me if I'm wrong, but wouldn't it still be "S'il vous plait" because you're talking to more than one person? :P)

    1. Yeah, I'm almost down the first season and I love it so much! Thanks. :)

      P.S. Yes, you're right...I forgot I was addressing more than one person. ;P


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