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Thursday, June 12, 2014

St. John of San Facundo

Ordinary Time: June 12th

St. John of San Facondo born to a wealthy family in Spain in 1430. During a serious sickness, he vowed to embrace an ascetic way of life upon recovery. In fulfillment of his resolve, he gave the better of his two garments to a beggar who went about almost naked and joined the hermits of St. Augustine at Salamanca (1463); at the time that monastery was universally respected because of its strict rule and discipline. He was often granted the privilege of seeing Christ the Lord at holy Mass and learning the deepest secrets directly from God Himself, the secrets of men's hearts and the secret events of the future. Through his prayers, the seven-year-old daughter of his brother was raised to life. He died in 1479; his death was probably due to poisoning.


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