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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Cat leaps to rescue four-year-old from biting dog

15 May 2014

Friend in need: loving cat leaps to rescue four-year-old from biting dog

In a bike ride, a faithful home cat has saved her four-year-old master as a dog leapt at him, bit him and pulled him off the bike.

Jeremy Triantafilo was enjoying himself in the the drive of his California home on Tuesday when the dog attacked him, causing the Pussy cat Tara to rush to the rescue, hurl herself at the dog and chase it away in a short while. The video, posted on CCTV, went immediately viral, drawing attention of over five million YouTube viewers.

In an interview to ABC News the boy and his parents told a touching story of incredible affection between the cat and the boy ever since he was a toddler, as Tara even used to squeeze into his crib to comfortably nestle down under the boy’s blanket.

Tara appeared to have followed them home from the park five years ago and has lived with them ever since.

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