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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The last few days have been quite exciting...

A few days ago, I realized that one of our apple trees and our two berry bushes are blooming. They look so beau - tee - ful! Yesterday, Mia and I went outside to blow bubbles...and I took lots of pictures of her bubbles and the flowers on our tree and bushes. Examples:

Aren't I a beautiful thing? Yes, I am!
Two of Mia's bubbles decided that they must stay together for life until they popped.

Noooooo...don't go, Alfred! --- I'm trying not to, but my grip is slipping, Freda!

If you want me to make a post with more pictures (I will call it something like "Bubbles and Flowers"), let me know in the commentssss!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

You already all know that I'm doing French over the spring and summer. In case I didn't say so yet, I was planning to finish both courses I need to take (since they're waaaay too late at night at my university next year) over the spring and summer. But as soon as I logged in after registering for one of them, the schedule told me that that idea was pretty much impossible because this singular course is made for four months with a good amount of work each week. *le sigh* Even worse, I am pretty much isolated with no basically no help in French - no recordings even though I have to take oral tests, the teacher can only be contacted by regular email (there isn't even email on the college website!!!), etc. etc. etc. HOWEVER, I just found out that the youth group leader of the parish near us (who I have known for a couple of years) seems to know French and she's willing to help me. She's actually going to "tutor" me for my first French oral test this Sunday --- AFTER a planning meeting for the Vacation Bible School summer camp this year. Since I am an considered an adult now, I'm actually going to have a big part this year - I'm going to be in charge of the skits! The theme of the camp is "A Walk With Moses", so if any of you lovelies have some idea for skits, let me know! (Or websites with skits...or cheap/free costume/set ideas, etc.)


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I recently watched "The Name of the Doctor" for the second time with Mia. MAN, I love that episode SOOO MUCH. AND I recently discovered the soundtrack music for that episode which I LOVE. Here are my two very favourite DW soundtrack pieces at the moment (listen to them while you finish this post):

 ~ A Secret He Will Take to the Grave ~
"The Doctor has a secret that he will take to the grave...and 
it has been discovered." (Nice play on words, Moffat!)

~ Vale Decam ~
I didn't want you to go, 10! :( :(

Now Mia and I are rewatching the Fiftieth. :D (So much more epic the second time because now I've caught up on all the episodes.)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Mia and I got to go this Aquatic place-thingy in our city yesterday as a treat for the end of the year. Do they have only a pool with waves? No! Do they have water slides? Yes! What's that? A hot tub? Yes! A water playground with a bucket that dumps water every so often? Yes!

I went down a water slide on my stomach for the very first time. (Ridiculous, I know.) It was super fun but also super scary. My thoughts doing this went pretty much like this...

"Okay...I'll just go on my stomach until I'm around the corner, and then I'll get up since Mia won't see me. ... Oh no! I can't get up! AAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!! ... Ouch! [as my hip bone bangs against the side of the slide as I am thrown against it from the speed I am going down] Oh my God oh my God oh my God! Oh no...I'm almost down! Something is going to happen to me! I'm going to get injured! Hail Mary full of grace..." SPLASH. And I was fine. xD

And in the end, Mia went on her stomach on the slide AND went on one of those ball-on-a-rope things that are high up from the water AND ran off a diving board. I was too scared to do the last two. I am a wimp. But I'd rather be a wimp than do them. *shivers*

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I just started reading this book:

Yeah. It's the HUMANS that are the bad guys now!

It is actually quite good.... it's formatted as if it were another DW episode. I would call this series official Doctor Who fanfiction. :) (I actually got almost every single book of this series [four] that were in my local library two days ago. Shhhh don't tell anyone.)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

And, last, but not least, I watched the very first episode of Merlin today and I absolutely LOVED it!

That witch was creepy. And I loved her song. I played the song for my mom. She loved it, too. And then I told her halfway through it was [begin quote] "a song that a witch sings to make people fall asleep so she can kill them" [end quote]. Definitely changes the perspective of it.

Rest warriors... Rest now...AND LET ME KILLLLL YOUUUU!!!!

And that scene when Merlin walked into Morgana's room to deliver the medicine/potion thing and she thought he was her maid Guinevere and so he played along with it to not get in trouble? I'm going to be sporadically and randomly laughing to myself about that for the next few days.

And this guy is super nice:

Gauis Whatshisname Pharmacist Guy


The King is...well, to put it in Merlin's words, an "ass". And so is Arthur. Hmmm...wonder where he gets it from?

Though I am a little confused about Guinevere being a maid and all that. I know they're changing some things around (well duhhhhh...look at Merlin's age to Arthur's age ratio in this show to the original story!)...but shouldn't she be royal and marrying Arthur at some point? After watching one episode, I feel like they're going to pair Arthur with Morgana and Merlin with Guinevere. To those who have watched further than me, I'm sure this is going to sound ridiculous. But don't correct me if I'm wrong because no SPOILERS please.

Be like River. For me. Please.

Is it just me or does it look like that gun is substituting
for a finger in the universal "Shhhh" symbol?

Goodbye until next time, me hearties lovelies!
- Anna

P.S. Don't you leave so fast! I've still got some awesome things to show you.

#1. This awesome trailer. OH MY GALLIFREY. This makes me so happy and so terribly sad at the same time. And this is FAN MADE, people. Welcome to the amazing YouTube user John Smith, everyone. And now go watch his Doctor Who / Sherlock videos.

#2. OUAT hiatus is reaching the levels of Sherlock hiatus..

#3. Just saw this on my Pinterest feed. Love it. I can't just pin it!!

#4. My latest obsession is using only two exclamation marks at the end of my sentence. And I've added the word 'fabulous' to my list of most-used words along with 'basically' and 'so'.

#5. The. End.


  1. Bubbles! Bubblesbubblesbubbles! MY BUBBLES. (Please tell me you get that reference.)

    Eeee. French.

    Doctor who!? Yes please! I wasn't wild about Matt Smith's regeneration episode. Disappointed, actually. Very cranky that he didn't get a good send off.

    All I'll say about Merlin is that it's better than OUAT, and they work in the legends more as the show progresses. XD

    1. I'm sorry but I don't. :( :( (Please tell me what it's from.)

      Yech. Yes.

      Oh, yes! Actually, I didn't care for the regeneration the first time I watched it... but after connecting the dots between the regeneration and the Rings of Akhaten and 11's death and watched the death scene 3 or 4 more times, I loved it. But that episode. Verrrry disappointing. And inappropriate in parts. And very anti-Catholic in parts, too. I only watched a small portion of the beginning because I couldn't stand it any longer.

      Well, after one episode, I love it. That's all I can say for now. ;)


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