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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Calgary bus driver turns accident into act of kindness

A Calgary bus driver who ran over a young boy's soccer ball has turned an accident into an act of kindness.

Byron MacDonald says his first concern when he saw the ball bouncing toward the city bus that he was driving along Cougar Ridge Drive on Thursday evening was for the seven-year-old chasing after it.

While the child stopped, the ball kept on rolling — right under the wheels of the city bus.

"There was quite a loud boom," said MacDonald. "I just parked the bus and got off and met with the little guy and told him not to worry."

He says the look on the young boy's face touched him and he decided to do something to help.

"It wasn't a look of hate," said MacDonald. "It was just, 'My ball's gone.'"

The next day, while driving the same route, MacDonald stopped outside the home and asked his passengers to hang tight.

He knocked on the door and presented the girl who answered with a brand new soccer ball and basketball.

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