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Monday, May 12, 2014

A New Era Has Begun


I finished my last exam on the last day of April at around 7-ish p.m. And now that I've had time to get back my marks, relax back into a no-school (well, except for the French I'm doing during the spring) atmosphere, go to some appointments, etc. etc., I can start working on my things-to-do-but-not-too-many-of-them-will-get-done list.

Things-to-do-but-not-too-many-of-them-will-get-done list
- work on blogs (this one, a guest post {finished} for Lucia's animal blog, my/Lucia's soon-to-be all-fandoms blog, my reviews blog {and I got lots of material for it from the library!!!}, and maybe write some stuff for my writing blog)
- read my books from the library
- clean out the basement for mah little 'house'
- work for my dad's publishing company
- work on / learn things about photography, piano, music videos, singing
- play with my sister (hopefully she will be nice - she's yelling at me right now because I'm supposed to be getting ready for church instead of making a blog post right now)


  1. Glad you're mostly done with school! :) Nice to finally have time to relax and do stuff, I bet! Enjoy your things-to-do-but-not-too-many-of-them-will-get-done (I can relate)!


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