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Thursday, April 17, 2014

‘Russia doesn’t want war, US does’

Thu Apr 17, 2014

A political commentator says that it is the United States that “wants war with Russia” not the other way round.

US President Barack Obama said Wednesday that Moscow does not want a war with Washington since it knows that the US military is “significantly superior” to Russia’s.

The Russians are “not interested in any kind of military confrontation with us, understanding that our conventional forces are significantly superior to the Russians,” Obama said during an interview with CBS News.

“There is a greater truth in President Obama’s remark that Russia doesn’t want war. It is the US that wants war over Ukraine not Russia,” said Joe Iosbaker, a United National Antiwar Coalition leader to Press TV Thursday in a phone interview.

Iosbaker said that the US has been behind the uprisings against the former government in Ukraine and everything the White House says to accuse Russia in this case is “propaganda that covers up reality”. (...)

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