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Wednesday, April 2, 2014


I'm getting more and more excited because I just realized that school will be over in a matter of weeks. I know that bubble is going to burst very soon because I need to finish two major projects (aka Human Nutrition and an English essay) and start studying for finals, but I prefer to keep up the good mood while I have it. I'm going to need that good start.

I have so many plans for the summer.

1. I'm going to work for my dad's Catholic publishing company.
2. Clean out the basement by selling all the stuff we have piled in there. I want to move down there.
3. Keep up my French.
4. Learn some more things about photography (I promise I will post photos!), movie making, and picture editing. And make some music videos. And cover some songs.
5. Go on awesome trips with my family.
6. Relax with some good books.
7. Work on Innocent/FOTN.
8. Perhaps start a correspondence religion course.
9. And, all in all, just relax with FOUR MONTHS of vacation.

Last, but not least, Sunday's episode of OUAT was very heartbreaking. Spoiler picture ahead (which is why I'm saying this last, so that you can skip it if you want).


  1. That sounds terrific! Oh cool, your dad owns a Catholic publishing company? Can he publish my book?

    I hope you sell all the things from your basement so you can get your own room. :) Good luck!

    1. I'm not sure what he publishes (whether he does only adult books or what), but if you give me a synopsis of your book, I will for sure pass it on to him! :D

      Thanks Hilda!

    2. You are so welcome. I'm actually currently writing the book. It's a journal/inspirational book. i can send you like three of them if you like.

    3. Sure! I always love to read other people's work. :) :)

  2. Glad you're feeling happy! I'm in a similar boat - not much school left, but a couple big projects coming up! Sound like fun plans for the summer. I will look forward to your song covers. And OUAT...aughhhh so sad.

    1. I'm sure you'll do great on them!

      *gasp* We never did ours, did we?!?!

    2. Thanks! I'm sure you will as well. :)

      Oh my, I forgot about that! :o If you ever want to pick it up again, same song or something different, email me! Maybe after school's done...

    3. Thanks. :)

      Sure, I'd love to do that! When do you finish school?

    4. I'll be done the week after Easter, but take whatever time you need as well!

    5. Okay, I'll talk to you about it after I finish school because it looks like I'm going to be taking an intensive spring course as well.


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