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Monday, March 3, 2014

Today's Facts About Alyianna

Fact One: Where I live, it is very very VERY cold. On the train to school, my feet got partially frozen (or at least, that's what they felt like). Waiting for the train after school, I realized my shoe was untied, so I took off my gloves. I was barely able to finish tying them because I could barely move my fingers. But, supposedly, we're going to get to PLUS TEN on Saturday.

Fact Two: I've finally decided that I'm going to give up watching TV shows in my free time (or not so free time, as the case may be) for Lent. So I'm trying to watch as much Downton Abbey as possible so that I can finish season three before Wednesday. (Oh, didn't know I was watching that now, did you? Well, now you know...and just so you know, I love it.) I doubt that's going to happen, though. But the giving up of TV shows should give me more free time to do other stuff - like perhaps doing Lenten posts on this blog, if I can find the material and the time.

Fact(s) Three: I am sitting at home in front of my laptop with a coffee to my right. I am very content with those three facts.

Fact Four: I love Pinterest. Here are some of my latest pins. (Not that anyone cares.)


From le SO TRUE folder:

From le WHOVIANS UNITED <3 folder:

From le DISNEY/PIXAR FUN folder:

From le PEOPLE folder:

From le DOWNTON ABBEY folder:

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