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Wednesday, March 26, 2014


A. Okay, snow, I had to admit you were very pretty today - from the heavy, soft snow falling from the time I left home and got to school (I didn't even mind you falling on my face and on my glasses) to the light dusting snow falling when I got back home which made my gloves look like they had pretty little stars over them. BUT PLEASE MELT AND GO AWAY NOW!!!

B. I'm trying to get signatures for this thing that I can get nominated for a student rep to help organize events at school. I'm really excited. :) I only need 10, but I decided to get as many as I can and I got 37 today. I'll try to get some more tomorrow and Monday. Even the potential future president of the SLC signed my paper. :)

C. My French teacher decided to take off one thing from our assignments list which I would otherwise have to be working on most of my time until next Wednesday when it's due. So I'm really happy about that...though the whole class preferred my idea of not having the final exam instead. ;)

D. I pretty much only have a brief moment of free time that I really shouldn't even be taking but we all need a mental break, don't we?

E. I read all of The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde for today. It's for English class. And I really enjoyed it, as strange as that may sound. :)

F. My wall with my beautiful decal, Frodo-and-Sam picture, and wall clock that hasn't worked for a looong time. And my messy bookshelf. (Top shelf has my favourite books and my LOTR action figures):

G. Current statuses...

Listening to: Carrie Underwood's "See You Again". I jumped when the sound suddenly came on my computer.
Just Finished: My coffee
Just About to Do: Put in the foods I ate today into a program for my Human Nutrition class and then finish up my big Psyc assignment
Wearing: a warm blue-and-green sweater and blue stretch pants. Emphasis: BARE feet.
Location: sitting at the kitchen table in front of my laptop
Things most on my mind recently: my fantasies of becoming a student rep, how awesome Putin is, and how good that Nanaimo bar sitting in the refrigerator in the cafeteria at school would have tasted if I wasn't on a diet
Laptop status: almost done charging
One of my latest Facebook statuses: I loved my book before it became popular. (Or rather, I will.) I shipped my own characters before they were shipped by anyone else. #hipsterwriters

H. I recently found that I have an ESFJ personality. And unlike most personality tests, this one ACTUALLY describes me perfectly...except that I prefer play before work.

I. And to end, some of my latest pins:


  1. I spy JP2 High! ;) Yes, mental breaks are important. Hehe, I like that part from Sherlock - took me a while to notice it but it's great. XD

    1. OMG did I without even noticing?! Where is this JP2 High that I put in without noticing? (Wow, I must really love it to do it inadvertently. :P)

    2. Ohhhhhh yes! Good eyesight. ;) Haha - this sounds like "I Spy with my little Anna's bookshelf..."


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