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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Hey! :D (A Challenger Post)

Hey all! I just thought I would all let you know about this cool challenge post made by my little sister Lucia. All you have to do is answer the questions about yourself, and then three of you will get a chance to do a guest post on THIS blog. Sounds neat, eh? I'm going to answer the questions even though I can't count for the prize just for fun. :)

1. What is your real name? (If you do not want to tell, just say "My ONLINE name is.....") Alyianna or Anna for my online name, whichever you prefer to use. :)
2. What is your favourite color? BLUEEEEE. =)
3.  Have you ever swam over 40 laps? Uhhh, no. Lucia can but I was happy to mange 20.
4.  Are you more an artist, athlete, computer-hogger, or explorer? Haha nice try, Lucia. Fine. In your words, computer-hogger.
5.  Do you have any siblings? Brother, sister, or both? Older or younger than you? And what are their name(s)? Do you see them a lot? Are they nice to you? Yes. Sister. Younger. Lucia. Yes. Depends.
6.  Do you have any pets? If so, how many? And what type(s)? And what did you name him/her/them? No. None. None. Nothing.
7.  What is your birthstone? A garnet. But I wish it was a sapphire. And not just because it's pretty and blue.
8.  Do you know a second language? If so, what is it? Or how about a third language? No? Yes-ish. I know a teensy weensy bit of Polish. And I'm learning French.
9.  Do you like chocolate? Is that a trick question?
10. How are you liking this quiz so far? It's pretty good. :)
11. What are your three fav. foods? Peanut butter...and then after that I'd have to think. Ummm...Shepherd's Pie. And my dad's lasagna.
12. What is your favourite sport? ICE DANCIIIIIIING.
13. Did you watch any of the 2014 Olympics? If so, what parts did you watch? How did you like it? Yes. The figure skating. It was AWESOME.
And by the way, I think Scott Moir and Martin Freeman should be Co-Kings of Facial Expressions.

14. How old are you? (If you don't want to answer, say I WOULD LIKE TO BE ......... years old.) Eighteen. :)
15. Half the quiz is all ready done! Are you sad? Nope. I've got homework to do...Downton Abbey to watch...and this poll is a pretty good length already.
16.  If you could save a dying fictional character, who would it be? ONLY ONE?!?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! Okay...*calms down*....ummm...let's see. RUMPELSTILTSKIN. And I just want to let you all know, Enjolras would be a very very close #2. I would put Graham on the list, but that would be pretty awkward for Emma and Neal.
17.  Do you play any games, such as Minecraft or Lotro? If so, how did you like it? LORD OF THE RINGS ONLINE FOR EVAH AND EVAH.
18.  If you play Lotro, do you know my name in it? (I play it! :D) *sigh* How many more unnecessary questions will there be on this poll?
19.  Do you know how old I am? Guess! You know I know that I know that you know that I know.
20.  Now 2/3 of the quiz is done. Are you even sadder? A little.
21.  Related to artist in question 4....... have you painted many works of art? Hah. If you saw what I can create, you'd say that Picasso was better.
22.  Related to athlete in question 4....... are you really athletic and muscular?

23.  Related to computer-hogger in question you like playing on the computer?

24.  Related to explorer in question 4....... do you like hiking? Yep.
26.  Are you more a girlish-boy or boyish-girl? That's an awkward question. What if you're neither?
27.  What is your favourite fruit? 

28.  What is your least fav. color? That's a hard one...I like pretty much all colours. Maybe olive green. Yech.
29.  Guess my fav. color! *sigh*
30.  Remember question 3? Well, would you believe me if I told you I have? .............


  1. I think that I'll do this. I'm always looking for things like this to do!

    1. Awesome. :) Just please post a link to your post in the comments wherever on this blog when you finish. :)


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