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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Disney Challenge Days 28 & 29: Favourite sequels & overall moments

Favourite sequel
I regard Disney's sequels as pretty much garbage, mostly.  But I don't mind the Beauty and the Beast sequel. Pixar has got AWESOME sequels, though. For example - Toy Story 2.

Favourite overall moments
No WAY I'm going to stick with just one.

- the Beast's transformation
- Belle & the Beast's breakfast & the "Something I Didn't See Before" scene
- Kenai and Koda reunited happily at the end
- any moment with Rutt and Tuke from Brother Bear
- any Mushu moment
- the Tangled boat scene and the saving-each-other scenes
- Hercules' "I Can Go the Distance" scene
- the mother gorilla finds baby Tarzan and the whole "You'll Be In My Heart" caboodle
- Scar and hyenas and "Be Prepared" scene
- the whole Carl-and-Ellie thing of Up
- Carl and that little boy (can't remember his name at the moment) sitting on the curb eating ice cream
- Mr. Banks and family head out for an outing at the end
- ALL of Paperman
- Sully sees Boo again at the end
- Andy & Bonnie play with the toys
- the Incredibles fight together as a family

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