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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Daisies, Sneezing, and That Poor Guy at the Back

Hello all! I have a chance to give a quick update on my life since I am having a stay-at-home-day because I don't really feel like going to school because I have a cold, it's around -22, and my teachers for my classes today don't really care if I come to class.

So far, the second semester has gone okay, but the novelty of my classes had definitely worn down. English is still good, and my Human Nutrition course is interesting...but I'm tired by the time I have French since I have more classes before it than last semester...History is as bad as it was last semester...and Psychology is okay.

One of my friends introduced me to a TV show called Pushing Daisies. It's really good. Of course it has one or two problems here and there, as everything does nowadays, but it's a lot cleaner than most shows nowadays. I finished it last week (was it last week? I can't remember anymore), and I'm really mad that ABC cancelled it after leaving it with a MASSIVE cliff-hanger upon cliff-hangers.

What else?

1. I hear Frozen is really good. I want to see it, but I'm probably going to have to wait until it comes out of theatres.
2. I'm still deciding what to spend my birthday iTunes money on. I found out that there are still four more Doctor Who soundtrack albums that I don't have, which makes me happy that there's still a ton of good music, but sad because they're pretty expensive (at least, according to me). I guess I'll have to wait until the next occasion to get the rest...and maybe the next after that.
3. I may find learning French a little tedious, but I love to talk at Mia (yes, at her) in French.
4. As usual, I'll post some of my favourite music at the moment:

Nathan Pacheco - Now We Are Free
Flame by Day
From Our Lord
(From a translation of the lyrics)

Idina Menzel - Let It Go 
(From Frozen)
A kingdom of isolation, and it looks like I'm the Queen

Katherine Jenkins - Silence Is All You Know 
(from Doctor Who - beautiful song, beautiful voice)
When you're alone, silence is all you know

The Band Perry - Don't Let Me Be Lonely
When you're young
You can fly
But we trip on clouds 'cause we get too high

Hunter Hayes - Rainy Season
We're taking on water
Drop after drop we're destroying this house

5. And maybe I should go onto some pictures that strike my fancy.

A. You know those pictures that say 'Disney didn't give me unrealistic expectations of men. Tolkien did.' Well, that's true, but there's also another line to add to that...


B. Combining Sherlock and The Great Mouse Detective is the best thing ever.


D. My dad invented this joke. WHO LEAKED IT OUT TO THE WORLD?!

E. Poor guys in the back.

F. My favourite part of the movie (well, except for Smaug). (Oh, you can read my review here, by the way.)

6. I've sneezed a lot of times within the last few minutes. It's actually getting very amusing.

7. Oh, I joined Tumblr. I don't use it much, but if you use you go. ;)

8. I'm almost done Series 7 of you-know-what. (If you get too annoyed with all my Doctor Who references, just post a comment saying you slap me mentally in the face, okay?) I'm sad, but also good with it. And I like Clara, but also don't like her. It's a very confusing time for me. :P

9. I just decided on the title for this post. It amuses me.


  1. I hope school is going okay for you! lol that Sherlock/Great Mouse Detective pic is hilarious. That was one of my favorite parts of The Hobbit too! And asldkfajl you joined tumblr! I love your blog! Hope you enjoy the end of season 7 and the specials!

    1. Hi Arda! :) :) :)

      It's going okay, thanks. :) Do you have a link for your tumblr blog I can snag? ;)

      I did enjoy the end of season 7, but I didn't enjoy the Christmas special. :(

    2. Yep! I'm :)

      Sorry you didn't like it. :( I kind of did, but thought several parts could be better. Did you see The Day of the Doctor?

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Thanks. :) I will follow you.

      Yeah, I mostly didn't like those *cough cough* you know parts. And, also, I was biased going in because my dad told me that it was a complete monstrosity. But I did like the regeneration scene. The funny thing was, I didn't find it sad until the third time rewatching it...when I started bawling my eyes out after Nine & Ten's regenerations.

      Yes, I did see The Day of the Doctor, and I really liked it. :) Not as much as some other episodes, but it was still pretty good and I loved how it leaded up into the 50th. Actually, parts of the 50th made so much more sense after seeing the end of that episode.


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