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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Christian Themes In Frozen

"Disney's 'Frozen' might be the most Christian movie that I have seen this year," wrote Collin Garbarino, assistant history professor at Houston Baptist University.

In an interview with Fox News, Garbarino explained that while watching the film based on the Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tale for the first time, he noticed Ana could be viewed as a Christ figure. To explain the connection, Garbarino described the themes of Christianity.

"The Christian message is that people are sinners and have these broken relationships and that Christ comes and takes on the punishment for that sin, dies a death that he didn’t deserve, and then is resurrected and then brings reconciliation through people," he told Fox News.

"Elsa has broken relationships, and she has guilt, and she pushes people away — and her sister is sort of like a Christ figure who pursues her," Garbarino said. "Anna comes and pursues, and when she pursues her, she has to die. And then she’s resurrected, which kind of proves the strength of her love, and it brings reconciliation, and Elsa is saved because her sister dies."

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