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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Child sacrifice and the altar of self

by Dr. Joel McDurmon


An Oxford study now confirms something the Bible has made clear for centuries, but which modernist scholars for decades have been unwilling to admit: the ancients sacrificed their children. The most recent report, however, goes further: it reveals the insane blindness at the heart of all of pagan and humanist civilizations in regard to human life.

Of course, I have written about this before in articles and in God vs. Socialism. This very debate took place in the 19th century between Lords Acton and McCaulay. Acton proved in pain after painful page that humanist and pagan civilizations throughout the centuries ritually sacrificed humans, including children, quite often.

The Guardian now reports,

Just as ancient Greek and Roman propagandists insisted, the Carthaginians did kill their own infant children, burying them with sacrificed animals and ritual inscriptions in special cemeteries to give thanks for favours from the gods, according to a new study.

“This is something dismissed as black propaganda because in modern times people just didn’t want to believe it,” said Josephine Quinn, a lecturer in ancient history at Oxford, who is behind the study, with international colleagues, of one of the most bitterly debated questions in classical archaeology.

Notice the humanistic presuppositions at work: “in modern times people just didn’t want to believe it.” (...)

Full article: link

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