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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

St. Raymond of Peñafort (1175 – 1275)

Christmas: January 7th

St. Raymond was born in 1175 at Penafort, Catalonia, Spain, to noble parents. He became a philosophy teacher around the age of 20 and later a priest. St. Raymond joined the Dominicans in 1218. In 1230, he was summoned to Rome by Pope Gregory IX and assigned to collect all official letters of the popes since 1150. St. Raymond gathered the letters and published five volumes.
In 1238, St. Raymond became the Master general of the Dominicans. After reviewing the Order's Rule to ensure everything was legally correct with Church law, he resigned his position in 1240 in order to dedicate himself to parish work. He declined the offer to become archbishop, too, in order to focus on the parish work he loved in Spain.

His compassion helped many people return to God through Reconciliation - the Sacrament of Confession. St. Raymond started a school to teach missionaries the language and culture of the non-Christians needing to be evangelized in Northern Africa and Spain. Along with St. Thomas Aquinas, he wrote a booklet to explain the truths of faith in a way nonbelievers could easily understand.

He died on January 6, 1275, in Spain, of natural causes.

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