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Friday, January 17, 2014

Music - a Post in which I try to describe something and probably fail

I love soundtrack music because one piece can tear at all of your emotional barriers in a few seconds. It packs all of the emotions of a long scene, or several scenes, into a few minutes. When I listen to soundtrack music, I relive the journey I took in watching a movie or a TV show or even reading a book.

Even without knowing where a piece of music is from or what it is related to doesn’t always matter. Music still has a beauty for just being what it is. Music is so important. Music is used to help people with certain problems. Music can help you when you’re depressed (I know it helps me). Music is used to express so many emotions. And music is used to praise God.

~Melody Pond~
To me, this song is the bittersweet farewell when Amy says goodbye to her husband Rory,
 fearing that he may be killed by the creatures who came to take her baby. The heartbreak
when her baby is taken after all. The anguish of a mother. And the surprise when Amy 
and Rory find out that they have known their grown-up daughter all this time.

~Rumpelstiltskin in Love~
The denial that leads to anger that led to the overwhelming sorrow when Rumple
loses the one woman who taught him to be a better person.

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