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Friday, January 3, 2014

Matriarchy and Polygamy – a Regression to Primitivism

By Fr. Dwight Longenecker

Why are modern men such layabouts? It’s simple. When the family declines. Men decline. Rod Dreher writes about it here. Quoting various articles he concludes that men who are disassociated from family life soon become de-motivated, shiftless and under achieving.

I’ve known men with severe self esteem problems. They are stuck and can’t achieve their potential. Invariably their fathers told them they were crap or they were stupid or no good. What the father says about the child –especially the son–remains a potent force in the child’s life. If the father is no good it’s bad, but if there is no father or a totally disengaged father the child is rootless and drifting. He or she does not have the tools in their toolbox to know how to deal with the world. They’ve got pieces missing.

Of course there are father figures who can help to put things back together and fill in the blanks, but the decline of the family and especially the crisis in masculinity and fatherhood are desperate gaps in our social and familial infrastructure.

As the traditional family disintegrates what we are seeing is the development of supposedly new forms of family life. These new forms of family are supposed to be of equal value or even better than the traditional family, but we should not be deceived. The newly developing forms of family life in our society are not morally neutral, nor are they a progression to something better and more sophisticated. They are a regression to a more primitive and barbaric form of family structure. There are two trends which do not bode well for the future: matriarchy and polygamy. (...)

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