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Monday, January 13, 2014

Days of the 'bank job' are numbered, report suggests

Smashed window at bank
Robberies like this are becoming far less common, with greater rewards
for criminals to be found by targeting financial services online

The number of robberies on British bank branches has dropped by 90% in the past decade, figures from the British Bankers Association suggest.
The BBA said there were 66 robberies in 2011, compared to 847 in 1992.
The drop has been attributed to a raft of innovative technologies making it extremely difficult for "traditional" robbery tactics to work.
"Banks are working hard to confine armed robberies to the world of TV dramas," BBA chief Anthony Browne said.
"Being caught up in a bank job is a terrifying ordeal for staff and customers that can scar lives for decades.
"It's great to see that the number of these crimes have fallen sharply in recent years. Anyone trying to rob a bank now faces much better CCTV, protective screens that can rise in less than a second and even special fog designed to disperse criminals. (...)

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