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Monday, January 20, 2014

Can You Believe It? {Eighteen}

Wow. I find it hard to believe that these are the fingers of an eighteen-year-old typing down this post. To most people except my parents, I'm a legal adult. Do I feel any different? To tell the truth, yes. Ever since waking up Saturday morning, I feel like more is expected of me. I've also suddenly become more aware of my habits of using less-than adult language, and I've gotten a little annoyed of that.

The anniversary of my birth (doesn't it sound so much better than 'birthday'?) was really nice. The weather got up to +13, which was almost a heat wave (not that I went outside or anything, but the sunny atmosphere was really nice). My mom made a delicious "bowl" cake with layers of chocolate pudding and chocolate muffins, and we had the standard dinner thing, my favourite type of pizza (3 meat) and my mom's nicely spiced fries (when I had birthday parties, all my friends would fight for the last fries...THAT'S how good they are). Mia (aka Lucia) made me this BEAUTIFUL BIG LOTR magnet for the fridge. Mummy bought me a really nice angel figurine, and my dad decided to contribute with some iTunes (I always find such donations to be very nice gifts ;P). The one minus is that my dad had to take my baby (aka laptop) into the Apple store because yet another key fell out --- and the Apple store decided that they wanted to deprive me of my laptop for an extra 3-5 days to fix some other things. As if the few hours wasn't enough deprivation. But at least my laptop will run better (or so Daddy tells me)...and I would HOPE that no more keys will fall out, since they're replacing the entire keyboard. Aaaand...I just got it back on Monday. Life is awesome. :) :)

My last birthday present is that I watched The Day of the Doctor. :D :D

That was my birthday --- and now, for a list.

~Nineteen Things I Would Like to Do Before I'm Nineteen~

1. Finish the first draft of FOTN/Innocent.
I know that this one is probably not going to get done, anywhere close the goal --- but I've started doing some daily writing on it, so I'll be hopeful. Even getting close would be a pretty fantastic achievement.

2. Clean out the basement.
I want to sell items, and maybe start saving up some money to develop it. I would like to make a little home down there, especially since I probably won't get married until I'm around 30, if I'm lucky. (I say this with a smirk.)

3. Travel a lot this summer - and make a scrapbook for memories of this summer.
:) :)

4. (Okay, this is going to be than I thought it was. I'm already getting stuck.) Watch many new (at least for me) movies and TV shows, listen to a variety of new music, and read many books.
Some of the movies I can think of right now are The Book Thief, Saving Mr. Banks, Frozen...some of the TV shows are Downtown Abbey and Merlin...

5. Get more in shape.
And get thinner.

6. Read 40 books. (This one will be a challenge.)

7. Do a combination of new creative things.
Make a couple of music videos, learn some more web designing and piano, work on my voice own my own, learn some dance steps, and perhaps learn how to edit pictures and make nice collages. Learn how to knit more than just the knit stitch, and cook new dishes.

8. Get closer to God.
With so much schoolwork and all the travelling back and forth, I feel that I don't have as much time for God as I used to. So I feel like I need to set aside some time for praying, meditation (I don't mean like yoga, obviously), or reading religious books (e.g. the Bible).

9. Get a jar and fill it with scraps of paper with all the nice things that happened to me this year written on them. I will open it next year. :)

10. Have some weird/new experiences.
Get my learners, sit behind the wheel of a car, and freak out when I realize I've started to make it move. Take part in one of those weird things when you do something or wear something on a specific day (like Bad Wolf Day). Perhaps screw up my courage to go on a real roller coaster. Pull a fun all-nighter (I've actually never had an all-nighter EVER, which sounds weird coming from a college student).

11. Go electronics-free for at least one day.
A day during the school year doesn't count.

12. Get a job.
Start making some money on the side. I think it would be FANTASTIC to work in a book store.

13. Develop my own style.
:) :)

14. Join a club or start one.
Perhaps at school?

15. Talk to someone new.
I honestly sometimes find it really hard to go outside my comfort zone and make that first step in introducing myself to someone. Okay, that's half a lie. But when it comes to guys? There's no chance that I am ever going to get anywhere close in introducing myself.

16. Go back and revisit my childhood.
Re-watch some of the movies I watched, re-read some of the books, re-listen to some of the music. Go back to my old community and walk around. Visit some childhood friends.

17. Have a girl's night with several friends.

18. Keep a journal.
This is one thing I've never managed to do. I'd like to try it again.

19. Go to a concert.
I've always wanted to do this. And it doesn't have to be a music music could be something Broadway, like Les Mis. :) :)


  1. Oh wow HAPPY BIRTHDAY OK?! Sounds like you had a fantastic day, and I'm glad your laptop is up and running now. :)


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