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Friday, December 27, 2013

'Noisy' orchestra silenced at Nottingham shopping centre

December 2013

Robin Hood Youth Orchestra

A youth orchestra was asked to leave a Christmas recital at a Nottingham shopping centre after complaints it was too noisy.

The Robin Hood Youth Orchestra was booked to play in Victoria Centre from 10:00 GMT until 13:00 on Saturday but was told to finish at about 11:00.

Tony Burton, whose grandson plays clarinet in the band, said the children were dismayed by the decision.

Intu, which runs the centre, said it had complaints about noise levels.

Mr Burton said: "[The children] were a little bit dismayed because they don't get paid for this, it's voluntary.

"It's a bit disappointing for them when they're trying to do good, when there's so much bad around and they're told they can't do it. (...)

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