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Monday, December 16, 2013

Kid did not know that actions have consequences

Rich kid Ethan Couch who killed four in Texas spared jail by State District Judge Jean Boyd
December 12, 2013 12:28AM                                                                                                             

Ethan Couch
No consequences ... a judge says Ethan Couch was so spoiled that he never learnt that actions
have consequences so she spared him jail for killing four people.

A TEENAGER who killed four people while driving drunk has been spared jail by a judge who says his rich parents never taught him about consequences.

The Star-Telegram reports that the families of those who died expressed their anger as Ethan Couch, 16, of Texas, escaped a possible 20 year prison sentence and instead was handed 10 years of probation.

"Money always seems to keep (Couch) out of trouble," Eric Boyles, whose wife and daughter were killed in the June 15 crash, told the Star-Telegram after sentencing.

"Ultimately today, I felt that money did prevail. If (he) had been any other youth, I feel like the circumstances would have been different."

Youth pastor Brian Jennings; mother and daughter Hollie and Shelby Boyles; and 24-year-old Breanna Mitchell died in the June 15 accident.  (...)


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