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Wednesday, December 18, 2013


I have travelled far through the weary land of First Fall Semester of College. I have trod over the heartless plains of Studying. I have scaled the mountains of Essays. I almost sunk in the Quicksands of Final Exams. But I finally made it, and here I am!


I feel very accomplished. I am all ready for Christmas. And that gif of Christopher Eccleston waving is driving me bonkers. I can't concentrate on writing this post. So if I saw something stupid in the next few lines, it's because I'm trying to write while I watch that gif and try to stop grinning back at Nine.

Anyway...I am very very VERY glad it is all over. I enjoyed being out of the house and all...but I am very glad to be home. And not have to go to classes...and go out in the cold. Honestly, so far for me, my attitude to winter has been:

But now I'm all:

Yeah. xD

I'm especially all in the Christmas mood because we went to my dad's work's children's Christmas party last Saturday (that's a lot of possessive adjectives). I volunteered to help hand out presents...the food was delicious...and my parents and I got wrist bands for lazer tagging and cards for the arcade games this year (the party was at one of the fun centers). My mom had never gone lazer tagging but she LOVES it now. (She's always liked shooting games.) In one of the games (just to interrupt my flow to let you know that I'm typing really fast now because "I Am the Doctor" is playing in the background), I found myself shooting left and right and getting lots of people. I actually overheard one boy commenting, "Look out. We've got a sniper here." I. FELT. SO. AWESOME. Because I pretty much never find myself winning something. And it actually turns out, I got first out of everyone (everyone being me, Maria, Mummy, and a bunch of kids and one guy).

The one guy. Ahem. He talked to me for a moment during the game because he couldn't get his gun to work. And after that game, I went to stand by a table to watch over our coats and bags while Maria, Daddy, and Mummy went to stand in line for lazer tagging. That guy was sitting at the next table with his back to me. And as soon as they went in, he turned around and started talking, asking me what grade I'm in, where I go to school, etc. etc. I answered the questions politely, just thinking he was one of those nice albeit a little nosey strangers. THEN suddenly he asks me, "So do you have FaceBook?" Warning lights go off. So I lied and said no. I REGRET NOTHING. He says something like, "Okay, fine", and asks me more questions, and tells me that he's been separated from his wife for two years and has a son...and later asks me, "So, do you use any social networking sites?" I shake my head, all the while thinking, "NO NO NO MARIA, MUMMY, DADDY COME BACK AND DON'T LEAVE ME ALONE!!!" They came back soon, thankfully...but I noticed that that guy was standing near the exit with a cell phone while we were playing games. And when we were coming towards the exit to leave, he left and went back in. So as we left, I kept looking behind my shoulder to see if this guy was going to try and follow me and find out where I live. Thankfully, no. My overreactive imagination proved wrong for the 999, 999th time.

Not a great experience. But it was a good day, all in all.

I am revelling in my break from school. So far, I've answered 1 and 1/2 letters...and I finished Season 4 of Doctor Who with Maria. *gets all quiet* So far (meaning, after 16 minutes of the first episode of Season 5), Matt Smith is awesome and Amy's music is just GORGEOUS (though I've noticed that Season 5 soundtrack has seemed to have a lot of repetitions of Amy's music and 'I Am the Doctor' so far)...but I miss the Tenth Doctor. His regeneration/death was very traumatic for me.

The "End of Time" two-parter was fantastic. I liked having the Master back, though his changing between human-looking and skeleton-looking was creepy. And I was so glad to have Wilf back, who is the sweetest and nicest grandpa ever. I would proud to have him as my grandpa. :) was all very feel-y. Very, very, very much so. The moments with Ten and Wilf...and when Ten was alone. And how he even admitted to Wilf how bad he felt about everything.

Wilf: Yeah, how 'bout you? Who have you got now?
The Doctor: No-one. Traveling alone. I thought it would be better, I thought... But I did some things that went wrong. I need...
Wilf: Oh my word.
The Doctor: [pulls himself together] Merry Christmas.
Wilf: Yeah, and you.

And my favourite line of all:

And there were a lot of funny bits with the Master, of course.

Anyhooooow. As I was saying above, Matt Smith is pretty brilliant, too.


I should probably go now before I stop posting more ridiculous gifs.

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