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Monday, December 2, 2013

Country on a Cold Day

It's a really cold day where I live. It's been snowing. I still have to go to school, though I really don't want to. Because of bad weather, I would probably not go if it wasn't for the fact that French is going to have important information for a test.

At the moment I'm typing this, I've been doing math. Math is so much better with country music. :) Here are some of my favourites. Enjoy!

Hunter Hayes - I Want Crazy

The Band Perry- Done

Miranda Lambert - Mama's Broken Heart

Carrie Underwood - Two Black Cadillacs
What the song is about isn't really the most appropriate (and neither is Carrie Underwood), but the music is good and I like how those women get caught out in the end for their crime.

Tim McGraw & Taylor Swift ft. Keith Urban - Highway Don't Care


  1. As soon as I'm done doing school with my niece, I'mma come back here and listen to these. I"ve only heard like.. two of them.


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