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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Absurd: Life Came from Clay

by Brian Kelly

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God created living herbs and trees and land animals each species with their seeds, as Genesis has it, “out of the earth.” Therefore, the chicken did come before the egg. Man’s body, Saint Thomas teaches, was made from a combination of the four elements (the Douay uses the word “slime”): earth, fire, air, and water. His soul, however, which was made in the image and likeness of God — for it is spiritual — was created directly by God out of nothing. The “breath” of God gave life to the body of Adam, and there was a living man.

To hold that life can come from non-living matter, clay (as we see in this linked article below), is absurd. Louis Pasteur demonstrated that organic matter, living cells, cannot come from inorganic matter. In his day (1822-1895) the theory he disproved was called “spontaneous generation.” Today, the term is rejected, but the theory lives on with evolutionists, only they call it abiogenesis. It may have taken millions of years they say, but at some point inanimate matter generated animate matter. (Just give something a million years to come into existence and the long-time factor somehow explains the fact!) Therein lies the contradiction: what is not living cannot generate life. To give life something must have life. The effect cannot be greater than the cause. I will hold my point here, while I give you the latest absurdity from a scientist who could use a full course in perennial philosophy.

Full story: HERE

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