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Saturday, November 2, 2013

I Think I Took a Doctor Who to the Brain

Last night, I lay in bed, terrified that a whole army of children and adults with gas masks, asking over and over again, "Are you my Mummy?" were going to come and get me. Honestly, the Doctor Who episode of the "Empty Child"/"The Doctor Dances" scared me...a lot. I think that I'd be more scared of one of those...things...coming and touching me and making me transform into one of them through a painful process would scare me a whole lot more than a whole army of Daleks. Just saying.

So then I just started to think about what I thought would be a good ending for the episode I was on, calmed down, and fell asleep before I got to the good part. :P

And, I'm crying with tears running down my face that the ninth Doctor has changed into the tenth Doctor.

Now do you all believe I'm crazy, for once and for all?

No, I'm not going to even explain to those who don't know Doctor Who what I'm talking about. And why? Because I would go on all day.

And this scene.


And before I go, I just want to tell were fantastic. Absolutely fantastic. And you know what? .... So was I!

And while I'm at it, why don't I do an overview of a few of the episodes in my own strange way?

Season 1, Episode 1: Rose

I know I just met you, Rose Tyler, but...yeah...this arm.
It tried to kill you, I know. So let me tranquilize it
for you and be on my way.

Episode 2: The End of the World

Why, hello there. I'm the last human being left in the world.
I've had so many operations I'm only skin and lips.
It's expensive to be flat, so I'm going to have to kill
you all to help pay for my next operation.

Episode 4: Aliens of London

Woah...look at this cool earth. Oh, and by the way, there's going to
 be a couple of episodes on us, so stay tuned to see how scary we are.

Episode 6: Dalek

Episode 7: The Long Game

I made this picture. *coughs*

Episode 13: The Parting of the Ways

I'm sure I'll love the Tenth Doctor, but right now I'm just



    Sorry. I just had to.

    So you started it! And you love NINE!!! I LOVE NINE!!!!!!!!!!! Everyone seems to like Ten more than Nine, and while I do love Ten, he's not MY Doctor. Actually... Eleven's my favorite. He's like a younger version of Nine. And he has the best companions bar none. Amy and Rory for the wine. XD

    The one with the gas-masks was TERRIFYING, wasn't it?!?!


    Are you my Mummy?

    And now I'm going. You were fantastic. Absolutely fantastic. And d'you know what? So was I!


    1. GAAAAAWEEEEEEOOOOO!!!! You just made me cry all over again. :P

      I LOVE Nine. :) Ten seems okay with me just starting, but I miss Nine terribly. :( But I'm sure I'm going to love Eleven - I just have that feeling. Ten just doesn't really...look like the Doctor, you know what I mean?

      Are you my Mummy? MUHAHAHA...EXTERMINATE!!!!

  2. I know exactly what you're going through. I've been there. *pats your shoulder* :P I found it hard to let go of Nine too but, trust me, Ten is going to be amazing. :)

    Also goodness gracious I made my brother watch the mummy episode with me because I was too scared to watch it alone. I mean, when you're running from a scary alien-infested child and suddenly hear him say, "But I'm here now" in the shadows of the room you're in, well, that's enough to keep you up at night. xD

    1. I've been watching some more, and I have to say I'm finding Ten hilarious so far. :P

      Oh yeahhh....that episode is definitely the one that's scared me the most so far.


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