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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Enough Fandoms, Guys and Girls!

Really, guys. Really, girls! Enough fandoms! Can't you and I lead a normal life without worshiping their names?

"O my gosh, Sherlock's so cute!"
"Doctor Who Doomsday....waaaaaa!!!!!!"
"Narnia ohmygosh how I love it ohmygosh! Oh my gosh Narnia rocks, ohgosh..."

I mean it! Sure, I'm proud to say "I'm a Narnian fan", but I don't kiss and weep over a Narnian poster. I don't yell "LOTR! *gasp* *faint*".

I can say some episodes of Doctor Who are quite good.... One day I might be a Whovian, but for now it's only physic-paper reality. (OH! by the way Peter Jackson might film a bit of Doctor Who if they pay him with a Dalek in return! ;) Comment on this if interested to know more.)

Get over it!!!!

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